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US ‘directly’ involved in Ukraine conflict – Moscow

Russian State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin
Samizdat | May 7, 2022

Washington should be added to a “list of war criminals” as it is now directly participating in “hostilities” in Ukraine, Chairman of Russia’s State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin claimed on Saturday, citing media reports about alleged US intelligence-sharing with Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden has told senior intelligence officials that “counterproductive” leaks about data sharing with Ukraine should stop, NBC reported on Friday.

Though there was no official reaction to the report from the US authorities, Volodin took to Telegram to comment on it. “The United States is taking part in hostilities in Ukraine. US President Biden, demanding to stop leaks about the exchange of intelligence information with Ukraine, admitted that Washington had been exposed,” he wrote.

Volodin said that the Ukrainian government, which he described as the “Kiev Nazi regime,” not only relies on weapons from the West, but also on the “assistance of American intelligence forces.”

The Duma chairman wrote that Washington “essentially coordinates and develops military operations” in Ukraine, and is therefore directly participating in the “hostilities” against Russian forces.

“For the crimes committed in Ukraine by the Kiev Nazi regime, the US leadership should also be held accountable, adding to the list of war criminals,” Volodin concluded.

However, the Pentagon earlier dismissed some of the media reports and specifically denied that the US had provided data allowing Ukrainian forces to strike Russia’s Black Sea flagship ‘Moskva’ off the coast of Odessa last month.

“The Ukrainians have their own intelligence capabilities to track and target Russian naval vessels, as they did in this case,” said US military spokesman John Kirby.

Russia insists that its missile cruiser wasn’t attacked, but sank on April 14 after a fire that had broken out on board caused ammunition to explode.

The White House National Security Council has admitted, however, that the US is “regularly providing detailed, timely intelligence to the Ukrainians on the battlefield to help them defend their country against Russian aggression and will continue to do so.”

This statement apparently did not come as a surprise to Moscow. On May 5, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists that the Russian authorities know the US, the UK and NATO “on a permanent basis” transmit intelligence and other data to Kiev but this would not “hinder the achievement of the goals set during the special military operation.”

Russia attacked its neighboring state following Ukraine’s failure to implement the terms of the Minsk agreements, signed in 2014, and Moscow’s eventual recognition of the Donbass republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. The German- and French-brokered Minsk Protocol was designed to give the breakaway regions special status within the Ukrainian state.

The Kremlin has since demanded that Ukraine officially declare itself a neutral country that will never join NATO. Kiev insists the Russian offensive was completely unprovoked and has denied claims it was planning to retake the two republics by force.

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  1. Accusations and accusations and accusations.
    That a larger war has not ensued is amazing. Or whatever word better substitutes for “amazing”.

    And considering the possibility for a false flag, such as the Lavon Affair, the King David Hotel bombing, the utterly intended destruction of the USSLiberty, where napalm was used by Israel, just to name a few incontrovertible attacks by Israel intended to be blamed for the purpose of war generation, with the ever more revealed covert involvement by Israel in this war, that some very deadly false flag hasn’t occurred is also amazing.

    Will something occur, which at the time will trigger more war, only to be finally revealed to have been done by Mossad–Israel–or by Zelensky? Or, how much more will he goad, prod, guilt-trip countries into fighting this war for his remaining its president? Or, will he slip away with the hundreds of millions in now not-secret bank accounts, slip away to Israel or England? For the former, to be greeted on the airport runway, like Jonathan Pollard, a hero to the collective? To England, like the Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs already there, to begin his own television show, a featured pianist and disco dancer?

    Liked by 2 people

    Comment by michael | May 7, 2022 | Reply

  2. This report noted. I was initially jarred by the thought: are our attentions being deliberately diverted from the raison d’etre for Russia’s patriotic determination to put paid to further encroachment by the (anachronistic) NATO on its flanks and blowback against the US/rest of the “West”‘s refusal to negotiate, refusal to recognize Russia’s legitimate positions WRT its legitimate and visceral core national-security interest, and warmongering? Finally, the last couple of paragraphs brought me back to some semblance of acceptance and tranquillity….


    Comment by roberthstiver | May 7, 2022 | Reply

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