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UK pledges more military aid for Ukraine

Samizdat | May 8, 2022

The UK pledged a further £1.3 billion ($1.6 billion) in military support and aid to Ukraine on Saturday. London said the move nearly doubles London’s previous spending commitments to Kiev, and is the country’s highest rate of spending on a conflict since the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The extra money will come from a reserve used by the government for emergencies. Like other NATO member states, the UK has been increasingly supplying Kiev with weapons, including anti-tank and anti-aircraft missile systems and armored vehicles.

This week, London said it was sending 13 armored vehicles to Ukrainian police and the National Guard. The UK government has also been delivering tanks to Poland in order to replace those Warsaw has donated to Kiev.

Similarly, the US pledged an additional $150 million in military assistance to Ukraine on Friday. The package includes 25,000 155mm artillery rounds, as well as radars and electronic jamming equipment.

Russia has repeatedly criticized the West for “flooding” Ukraine with weapons, and warned in April that foreign arms become legitimate targets once they reach Ukrainian soil.

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  1. More and more and more and more. But, the United States is not at war with Russia. No, no, no. Just givin’ Zelensky weapons. What he does with them is his business. Even if the United States’ Congress people go over there to say something like, “We’re gonna win.” Good ol’ Schiff and really good ol’ Pelosi. Right there beside their buddy Zelensky, giving more money and stuff to him.

    And good ol’ actor Zelensky says, something like, “Look what’s happening!” Another holocaust. “Help me. Help me.”

    So what if schools in America are just scraping by. Or not. If roads are falling apart. If… on and on. It’s okay to give and give and give American taxpayer money to corrupt states such as Israel and the Ukraine. Israel, corrupt? What to call land theft? Imprisonment without habeas corpus. Murders and murders and murders. After all, an Israeli diplomat held aloft a brick, to show what the Palestinians throw at tanks and armored vehicles. No wonder the Israelis want more money and America to fight its wars for it.

    Just as Zelensky wants Europe, NATO and America and England to fight its war for it.

    America’s not at war with Russia. Oh, no. Soon to be declared by the Biden Governance Board of Disinformation as false and to be censored. Soon to be declared worse than un-patriotic. Maybe, like Holocaust questioning, or criticism of Israel, to be a criminal act.

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    Comment by michael | May 8, 2022 | Reply

  2. Sigh. The militarist, warmongering, non-diplomatic beat goes on, taxpayer dollar by dollar by dole. I picked out “…25,000 155mm artillery rounds” just as a random, incidental number to “count” the “uncountable” numbers of weaponized “pieces” that, all together, would rival the uncountable numbers of grains of sand that lie in oceans and deserts all over the planet–or the number of one-dollar bills needed to pay for them at the expense of the less-than-one percent of the world’s population who don’t profit by war aka control of that one percent. Just ‘think” (or refuse to think) of all the accoutrements of war manufactured, stockpiled, and used all over this suffering planet. “Think” of the industry of gun/weapon designers, amassers of raw materials, manufacturing plants and the warmongers and minions who operate them; the logistics systems needed to package, ship, and deliver the “finished products” (produced to “finish” us, the “other”; the trainers (usually/mostly war-industry retirees from military careers, now bent on perpetuating their industry) of old and new and replacement “systems/tools of war”; the US congresscritters and associated bureaucrats who fashion their suck-off-the-taxpayer lives to appropriate and disburse weapons and systems of war to such rogue as*holes like ZioIsrael and KSA; the myriad lobbyists in ZioOccupied WashDC and elsewhere here, there and everywhere in government (sic) hubs across the planet…don’t the sheer *nuimbers* of such scope and magnitude blow the mind of any sane, peace- and diplomacy-oriented woman or man on the planet? All this and more is encompassed in my end-of-life resolve to try to change one sub-paradigm among all this frenzy of war: to the ‘Christians’ and social-sector do-gooders (as fine, mind you, as they might be intrinsically or motivationally): STOP/PUT PAID TO your endless blathering of “Gee, a 10 percent reduction in the (e.g., U.S.) defense (sic) budget would magically free up billion$ that could be put to better use in schools, health, physical infrastructure…” NOOOO! — NOT *REDUCTION*!!! THE END GAME, THE PARADIGM CHANGER MUST BE *DISARMAMENT* — starting right here in River City and spreading, through truth to power, moral/ethical conviction, passion, and no-holds-barred COMMITMENT to DISARMAMENT. MEMO: AND NOT ONLY DISARMAMENT IN MILITARY CONTEXTS/REALITIES: DISARMAMENT IN CIVIL-SECTOR WALKS OF LIFE (OR NOT…) ACROSS THE PLANET!

    Such were/are are the gist, the gristle, the essence of my 78 yo thoughts of “quiet [or not] desperation” as I came to “25,000” above…. We: humans, us, *all of us* have EFFED UP any thought, any chance, of a reasonable, livable advance of CIVILIZATION — with an emphasis on “civil,” and “peace,” and “diplomacy,” and *SANITY,* and (gasp!) love….



    Comment by roberthstiver | May 8, 2022 | Reply

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