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WHO prepares for climate change emergencies

The Counter Signal | June 7, 2022

Speaking on behalf of the World Health Organization (WHO), International Council of Nurses CEO Howard Catton claimed that climate change is the ”grandmother of all health threats.”

“I talk to nurses around the world every week who tell me about how they see the impacts of climate change on the health of people they care for every single day in their practice,” Catton said. “There are 45 million-plus healthcare professionals who are witnesses to the health emergency that is unfolding in plain sight.”

“Their voice must be heard and acted on.”

He continues, conflating the damage caused by poor air quality and pollution — likely in places like China and India, not the developed countries of the West — with the supposed damage caused by minute rising temperatures. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom, of course, agrees with this radical climate change position.

“They see and work with young people struggling and old people struggling with respiratory disorders caused or exacerbated by poor air quality and pollution. People who can’t go out, who are struggling with their tasks of daily living, who are losing function, whose independence undermined,” Catton said.

“They support people who are not coping with extreme temperature changes from heat stroke and exhaustion to hypothermia. Many of these people are [the] most vulnerable, with underlying conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, which is made worse.”

According to, the global average temperature has risen by 1 degree Celsius over the last 40 years… This is the “extreme temperature” change that Catton speaks of, without going into the fact weather trends fluctuate and we, in the broader scheme of things, just came out of a little ice age, which probably should just be labelled a light cooling period between 1500-1850 AD (starting before the Industrial Revolution and ending as it was kicking off).

Catton continues, blaming the 1-degree Celsius change in global temperatures for natural occurrences like flooding and forest fires, which he says perpetuates the spread of disease.

For these reasons, Catton says that climate change is one of the greatest risks to global health and that health needs “to be at the centre of all our policies: energy, transport, agriculture, water, and food.”

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  1. I’m 73 years old, and I can tell you, the World is no warmer today than it was when I was a teenager. Global Warming is ‘just another scare’, to keep people frightened of a “terrible fate that awaits them”.
    And, when people are scared of Something/Anything, they can be “Herded”, manipulated, like cattle(and sheep).

    The Corona virus “scare” is wearing off, and suddenly, “Climate Change” is again, a terrible fate that awaits us(if you believe it). In Australia, 50 years ago, we were told that the “Crown of Thorn” starfish was going to destroy the Great Barrier Reef, and today, the reef is still there, ALL 1,429 miles of it, and still attracting tourists from all over the World.

    We have to worry about “Monkey Pox” too. The fears just keep coming, and we keep getting “scared”, some of us anyway.
    To be honest, when I was a teenager there were about 3,500,000,000 people on Earth. Now there are almost 8,000,000,000 people on Earth. That’s just in one Lifetime, WE are the problem.

    I’ll be leaving here soon, so, good luck everyone.

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    Comment by brianharryaustralia | June 7, 2022 | Reply

  2. Very amusing, Brian. I agree, we are not sensitive to average Global temperature change. It is unlikely to be possible to even measure such changes with an accuracy of >1%. 1% of the absolute range -50 to +50deg.C is 1deg.C Even measuring average temperatures in houses (closed environments) is less than 5% accurate and varies with ventilation, user output, solar gain, wind speed and of course, outside temperature. On a Globe of molten iron, in Space at -256deg.C, subject to solar radiation of 1.4kW/m2, our effect, through increasing the ‘Greenhouse’ diode of atmospheric pollution, is unlikely to be significant. Another Ice Age is more likely, given the variation in the Sun’s energy over time. They occur about 10,000 years apart and the last one was nearly 10,000 years ago.
    The bigger question is; why is the ‘scare’ being promulgated? Last time, in 1969, the Bilderbergers commissioned a computer modelling study which suggested pollution from fossil fuels would cause Global warming in ‘The Limits to Growth’. Did they have a motive? Was it to stop the oil-producing nations in the Persian Gulf getting too rich? I wonder if that was linked to the ‘1967 War’ between Israel and Muslim neighbours concerned about the theft of Palestine and desecration of the Holy Land? Is the World Economic Forum a new platform for this incipient branch of warfare? Just a theory.

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    Comment by jbthring | June 8, 2022 | Reply

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