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The Prison Remains the Same (Palestine)

Sharif Nakhleh | May 8, 2022

THE FILM is a brilliant explanation of the history, present, and possible future of Palestine by  anthropologist Khalil Nakhleh, a Christian Palestinian from the Galilee who experienced Israel’s founding war and subsequent actions first-hand.

Mixing current and archival footage, the film weaves a tale of expulsion and return, through the origins of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict to the resistance and political occupation of an entire people.

Filmed across various locations in the occupied territories of the West Bank and Israel, the film is a thoughtful, yet searing look at physical and psychological oppression.

Dr. Nakhleh has authored a number of academic books and articles on Palestinian society, development, NGOs, and education, including The Myth of Palestinian Development: Political Aid and Sustainable Deceit and Globalized Palestine: The National Sell-out of a Homeland. [See his books here.]

THE FILMMAKER Sharif Nakhleh is an independent filmmaker living and working in San Francisco with over 20 years of experience as a director, writer and editor. His body of work includes documentary and narrative films, music videos and commercials.

The Prison Remains The Same is an homage to his father’s legacy and nod to his own identity as a Palestinian American.

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