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An Invasion of Sicily in 1942?

Tales of the American Empire | June 23, 2022

The Allies suffered over 100,000 casualties during pointless fighting in Africa when they could have invaded Sicily. Some believe the US Army lacked the experience to fight a major war and fighting confused Frenchmen in Africa provided that. However, most of the American generals, colonels and senior sergeants had fought in World War I. There were no German ground combat troops in Sicily in late 1942 and not many Italian. The best Italian units and equipment were dedicated to fighting the British in Egypt and there were little preparations to defend Sicily, which only had five second-rate infantry divisions with dispersed units providing security at key points. A November 1942 invasion of Sicily would have been bloody, but losses would be far less than the 100,000 casualties suffered fighting in Africa plus the 25,000 lost invading Sicily in July 1943 after it had been fortified.


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