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Thanks Pfizer!

By Alex Berenson – Unreported Truths – June 26, 2022

My mom, a devotee of Saint Anthony Fauci – America’s Doctor! – found herself in atrial fibrillation following her booster last fall. The afib passed, so come spring she dutifully lined up for another booster.

Guess what came back?

And guess what has now appeared on her counter – what she’ll now be taking for the rest of her life?

Coincidence, of course, given her history of heart problems – oh, wait, she had NO history of heart problems ever?

Well, whatevs, stuff happens.

I believe Big Pharma calls that a win-win!

Not that I needed more incentive to chase the truth until the sun explodes and swallows the earth, but now I have it.

June 29, 2022 - Posted by | Timeless or most popular, War Crimes |

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  1. After my 3rd Booster which was Pfizer I lost sight of my Right eye 1/2 hour later, the others I has were Oxford with no problems, they keep sending for me for next booster but refused as Pfizer used, put in Yellow NHS Report Form.


    Comment by MR KEVIN HIATT | June 29, 2022 | Reply

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