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White House “Climate Adviser” Banned from the National Academy of Science for Science Fraud

… while White House Officials Beg Social Media to Silence Opponents

By Igor Chudov | August 18, 2022

Climate change is a very important topic! According to Bill Gates-sponsored scientist Kari Nadeau, climate change is responsible for the recent rise in heart attacks, stillbirths, and cardiovascular disease, especially in children. So, knowing how important climate change is, I am paying attention to news about it, though with lesser intensity than I devote to Covid news.

Finally, we have a great climate change story! White House “climate official” Jane Lubchenco was just banned by the National Academy of Science (archive link) for science fraud. She was an editor of a paper written by her brother-in-law. Jane did not disclose this family relationship and promoted her brother-in-law’s article. The article itself contained false data that was known to be out of date at the time the article was written, and thus the paper was fraudulent.

Jane is now not allowed to participate in many scientific activities due to violating ethics rules meant to prevent fraud in science.

What is the White House’s biggest priority right now, when it comes to climate change? Perhaps it is cleaning up the place and making sure that we have honest science? Not really. The priority is demanding that major social networks silence climate change skeptics. Watch this video at 11:10:

The White House adviser says in the interview:

And frankly, the tech companies have to stop allowing specific individuals over and over again to spread disinformation.

I am not a big climate change skeptic — I do not care about climate change all that much right now — but coincidentally, Twitter recently suspended my dog’s account for 7 days.

So, I am not allowed to spread misinformation. The White House, on the other hand, has climate change advisors who perpetrate scientific fraud.

On a more serious note, my dog’s Twitter account was not alone and was suspended among hundreds of others last week, ostensibly for antivax misinformation. Why is this happening now? Why the urgency? It certainly is NOT about helping to vaccinate the public, as COVID vaccine uptake is at historic lows and everyone made up their mind already. Censorship would not help much with vaccination! Why, then, is it intensifying?

My own guess is that these suspensions are not so much related to Covid, but are happening due to the fact that the White House and the woke social networks are preparing for the November elections and want to silence dissent in advance. Why?

  • to influence the election, and
  • to prevent people from questioning election conduct and fairness afterward

They — the White House, Twitter, Facebook and Google — know that they will have to face very uncomfortable questions about their role in forcing the so-called “Covid vaccine” onto young people, as they “own” the outcome of this. They want to postpone that moment of reckoning and thus are deleting as many dissenting voices as they can.

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  1. As much as I appreciate immensely Aletho and the work done here, the relatively constant ‘whinge’ about the censorship on twitter from such people is utterly stupid, mind-blowingly counter productive and tiring. Just fxcking leave the platform. We all know it’s a useless stack of shit propaganda tool… so wtf are you doing having an account and having an account for your dog? You can’t say anything that’s vaguely true on the platform, so why validate it by your presence? It’s so simple. Man up and leave. If everyone of a certain intelligence had the nous and the balls to leave, it’d soon disappear up it’s own bolshevik arsehole. But it starts with the individual.


    Comment by Richard Jones | August 18, 2022 | Reply

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