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US Congressman Gosar Calls Washington’s Support for Kiev ‘Immoral’

Samizdat – 06.12.2022

Republican Congressman Paul Gosar, in response to the shelling of a church by Ukrainian troops in the city of Donetsk, called Washington’s support for Ukraine “immoral,” adding that the Kiev regime is “authoritarian.”

“Our continued support of this war in Ukraine is immoral. The deaths continue and Ukraine has become an authoritarian regime not worthy of any support. I support peace talks, not death and destruction. Not bombing churches,” Gosar tweeted.

On Monday, a Sputnik correspondent reported that the Church of Nativity of Christ in Donetsk was shelled by Ukrainian troops.

In late October, the US congressman invited Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy for peace talks in the state of Arizona. Two weeks later, Gosar said he would continue opposing additional US aid to Ukraine.

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  1. It is immoral. Queer Zelensky propped up by zioNUT P0S slime Kolomoisky, Victoria Nudelman H0M0BAMA etc. Do some research.


    Comment by Larry | December 6, 2022 | Reply

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