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Coup plot an example of government’s diversionary tactics – German MP

RT | December 7, 2022

A lawmaker from the right-wing Alternative for Germany party, Eugen Schmidt, has called into question the authorities’ claims that a group of QAnon followers had been plotting a coup to overthrow the German government. The MP alleged that the powers-that-be in Berlin arranged the arrest of dozens of people on Wednesday merely to divert Germans’ attention from an increasingly acute energy crisis.

Speaking to Russia’s Izvestia media outlet on Wednesday, Schmidt pointed out that the vast majority of the suspects are in their 60s or even 70s. He noted that the elite troops who officials say were part of the conspiracy had served before 1990, when the German Democratic Republic was still around, and added that these soldiers are “long past their prime.”

With this in mind, the lawmaker argued, the official position that these individuals had been planning to storm the German parliament sounds downright “absurd” and “ludicrous.”

According to Schmidt, the entire case is merely an attempt by the German government to create a furor in the media that would eclipse “catastrophic problems in the German economy.”

He stressed that, amid the worsening energy crisis and with deteriorating weather, many Germans “have no means to pay [the bills]” because they “receive fairly modest salaries.” The MP also cited energy prices that are up to five times higher than last year.

He went on to say that ever more people are starting to ask themselves “who’s to blame?” Bearing the responsibility for the current situation, the MP proposed, is the “incompetent government.”

“So, now, right before our eyes, a media provocation is being concocted with the sole purpose of diverting [the people’s] attention from their everyday problems,” the AfD politician concluded.

On Wednesday morning, German police announced it had carried out multiple raids across the country, arresting 25 members and supporters of an alleged terrorist group.

According to officials, the suspected conspirators had been planning to form an armed group to overthrow the government and install a regime modeled after the German Reich of 1871.

A former MP for the AfD is among the detainees, along with a Russian national.

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  1. The world has gone batshit crazy


    Comment by raggs12 | December 7, 2022 | Reply

  2. The Scholz government is much too Green! Back in the 80s, the Green Party was viewed by Germans as a single-issue party. Ecology was more important to them than the economy. But social trends turned the Green’s way and the phony argument on behalf of man-made climate change gave them more and more credibility as time passed. No longer would German voters view poster signs on the streets that read “Gegen die Grunen.” It all seems too mechanical. Like there is a long-range plan with each part scripted and made to fit a new paradigm of deprivation created by self-inflicted economic dissolution. It’s as though Germany adopted someone else’s plan. A scheme more than a plan, that calls for resetting Germany’s economy from one based on manufacturing to one based on scarcity and limited resources.

    Chancellor Scholz saw the handwriting on the wall. So against others advice he traveled to China to meet with Xi Jinping. Herr Scholz reaffirmed Germany’s commitment to good trade relations with China. For his efforts, Scholz was scolded by UK leaders for breaking with current China bashing that substitute for foreign policy in the US/UK these days. Herr Scholz, more than his Green Vice Chancellor understands that if Germany continues down the path it has taken since February 24, German manufacturers will be bankrupted out of existence putting Germany’s survival at the feet of others. Thus, securing good trade relations with the Chinese is seen by Chancellor Scholz as a prerequisite for Germany continued survival as an industrial power.


    Comment by Thomas Simpson | December 8, 2022 | Reply

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