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The Anglo-American War on Russia – Part Three (2006-2013)

Tales of the American Empire | December 8, 2022

In 2008, American President George Bush announced that he would disregard the 1999 peace agreement and support an independent Kosovo protected by NATO. Russia and Serbia condemned this unilateral action. The United States had used massive force to bomb the European state of Serbia without United Nations approval and then violated a peace agreement to redraw its national boundaries while establishing a new American military base in Serbia.

The rapid growth and aggressiveness of NATO concerned Russian leaders, but it was the building of American missile bases in Eastern Europe that alarmed them. In 2009, President Barack Obama announced that American missile bases would be built in Romania and Poland capable of hitting Moscow with long-range cruise missiles. This was a flagrant violation of the Founding Act that barred new NATO bases and the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. The Soviet Union had disbanded and freed Eastern Europe after assurances that NATO forces would not move east. Yet NATO forces gradually moved east and now assembled on Russian borders and included German troops, from a nation that had invaded Russia twice the past century.

NATO troops also appeared in Ukraine and in Georgia on Russia’s southern border. Russian President Putin appealed to European leaders to stop this madness, noting that efforts for American military domination of all of Europe could lead to war.


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  1. The British Empire has had its designs on Russia for a couple of centuries now. British geopolitician Halford MacKinder identified Russia as the Heartland in his treatise of 1904. He prophesied that whoever rules Eastern Europe rules the Heartland and those who rule the Heartland rules the world. Ten years later WWI broke out after Prince Edward Albert set up the British Chessboard that had France-UK-Russia allied against Germany with the aim of reducing Germany to a so so economic power on the European continent. Once Germany lay prostrate before victorious allies, it was looted beyond recognition of its former industrial self.

    The Brithsh are masters at this game. They created desperation among the people of Germany with the Treaty of Versailles. Then they had University of Munich Professor Karl Haushhofer groom the former Austrian hippy Adolph Hitler in the theory of blood and soil and the need for German lebensraum. Hitler must have come away thinking he was the second coming because after he was arrested for inciting German insurrection Professor Haushofer ghostwrote Mein Kampf for him when Hitler was in prison.

    Hitler’s sentence was shortened to less than a year and again he teamed up with Ernst Rohm who had his own ideas about running things. After the election of 1928 Hitler’s party was in debt to the German government. Hitler being head of the party faced jail time if the debt was not paid. To his rescue came none other than Prescott Bush. Bush was co-director of Union Bank and its subsidiary in Berlin laundered money to Fritz Tyssen to pay off the debt and keep Hitler out of jail.

    Hitler’s Germany would be rearmed with financial assistance from Switzerland, London, and Wall Street. Montagu Norman and German finance minister Hjalmar Schacht were in constant touch with each other. Schacht even traveled to NY city to drum up support for the little man with the toothbrush mustache.

    Hitler was Britain’s puppet on a string until the Wehrmacht turned West to attack France to cover their rear flank before launching Barbarossa. Germany intended to take England too but curiously Guderian’s tanks were ordered to stop before crossing the Channel. And why were German Stukkers attacking London in broad daylight, losing almost half of Germany’s Luftwaffe?

    The whole point of rearming Britain’s proxy Germany was intended to throw as much German men and material at Russia in a meat grinder war that would weaken and cripple both nations. But Russia’s determination to defend the Motherland and the resolve of her people to fight to the death to defeat the Nazis, brought an end to the German campaign and Britain’s hopes of ruling the Heartland.

    Now we see another attempt to take the Russian Heartland by the British with the US in tow. Only this time British Brains and US Braun are united in the name of NATO in another attempt to destroy Russia. The proxy is Ukraine representing the battlefield on which tens of thousands have died already. The danger is palpitating and can conceivably break out into thermonuclear war very quickly if Ukraine gets the long-range missile launchers the US has promised. The US has signed off on Ukraine attacking Crimea, lying to media whores that the US doesn’t have any control over the targets Ukraine chooses.
    If Zelenskyy is crazy enough to strike Crimea, Russia will have no choice but to destroy Kiyv and all of Ukraine during the ensuing 48 hours. Then, US/UK/NATO Triad will have only a few hours to make a decision to end it or start thermonuclear WW3, while the rest of the world is sleepwalking.


    Comment by Thomas Simpson | December 12, 2022 | Reply

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