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UK-Israel Tech Hub facilitates Zionists’ penetration into British governance

Press TV – December 11, 2022

A leading British academic has depicted the integration of the UK-Israeli tech industry as a tool of Zionist “operatives” to infiltrate into the “very fabric” of the British governance.

David Miller, a former professor at Bristol University and a scholarly critic of Israel, made the comments on Press TV’s Palestine Declassified aired on Saturday, clarifying on the UK Israel Tech Hub’s true mission.

The UK Israel Tech Hub is based in the British Embassy in the occupied Palestine and is funded directly by the British taxpayer.

The organization, committed to Israel’s economic and tech interests, receives its financial resources through the British Foreign Office along with departments for Trade and Media.

The UK Israel Tech Hub, Miller said, is there to encourage integration between the tech industry in the UK and Israel, which is already happening and “on many occasions, we are seeing a penetration essentially into the very fabric of British governance by operatives of the Zionist regime.”

“A large number of people have gone straight from working for the Zionist entity into effectively working for the British taxpayer,” Miller said.

Indeed, when glancing at the employees of this organization who sit inside the British Embassy, the picture of state capture becomes clearer.

Haim Shani, the chairman of the UK Israel Tech Hub, previously served as director general of the Israeli ministry of finance. The director of this suspicious organization is Keren Shurkin, who started in the liaison department of the Israeli military.

The deputy director of the UK Israel Tech Hub is Ella Caplan, who claims to have been directly behind all interactions between a specific foreign army and the Israel military during her time in the liaison department.

Avital Levitsky went from working in Israeli military intelligence to the cyber security sector lead at the UK Israel Tech Hub in the British Embassy. And the list goes on.

Miller also added that the tech contracts between the UK and the Zionist regime are being used simply as a sort of data grab for the Israeli intelligence, citing Benjamin Netanyahu’s previous efforts to send people from Israeli intelligence organizations, in particular the signals intelligence Unit 8200, into the tech startups.

“These are people who are intended by the regime to carry the interests of Israel into the startups that they are engaged in,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mick Napier, a co-founder of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, also described the UK Israel Tech Hub a “job creation program” for Israelis and a part of “100 percent full spectrum complicity” between the UK and Israel.

Napier stated that such projects “clearly” aim to defeat the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) campaign “as far as it possibly can.”

It is worth mentioning that BDS works to end international support for Israel’s oppression of Palestinians and pressure Israel to comply with international law.

Israeli firms infiltrate NHS

It is “very worrying that Israeli tech firms, staffed by people from former Israeli intelligence agencies, are able to get access to data in the British National Health Service (NHS),” Miller said of the Israeli tech industry penetration into the UK NHS.

The British Embassy-backed project, UK Israel Tech Hub, has been integral to the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Israel and the Northern Health Services Alliance (NHSA) to facilitate the expansion of the Israeli tech industry into the NHS.

Accordingly, the UK-Israel Tech Gateway, established through the tech hub, is set to grant the access of vast swathes of British citizens’ health data to Israeli tech companies.

Napier also voiced concerns over Israel’s access to British citizens’ health data saying that it allows “all sorts of blackmail” and “force people to collaborate and change their political behavior.”

Miller termed the extensive digital collaboration between Britain and Israel as “melding” rather than integration which is not merely limited to business activities but have an “intelligence component or interest.”

“There is integration increasingly between the interests of the Israelis and parts of the [UK] government apparatus, there are many other examples of people who are effectively operating for the interests of the Israelis inside the governmental apparatus in the [Palace of] Whitehall at Westminster,” Miller concluded.

In another episode of Palestine Declassified aired on November 26, Huda Ammori, a Palestinian activist and co-founder of the direct action network Palestine Action said that tech companies including Amazon and Google, are working with the Israeli military, and aiding in human rights violations and the colonization of the Palestinian people.

Ammori was making a reference to the notorious Project Nimbus Google’s $1.2bn artificial intelligence and surveillance contract with Amazon and the Israeli military.

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  1. How this expose shows ‘A Nation Within A Nation’ to be so. Will this comment produce a backlash of anger from jewish organizations dedicated to… to what? Denying the obvious? In this case, the obvious is that an infiltration of Israelis into the United Kingdom’s governance is, “…committed to Israel’s economic and tech interests.”

    No wonder, then, how successful the 75+ year war on Palestine by the invading Zionists. No wonder, then, how just champions of moral integrity such as Jeremy Corbin are a target to smear, as in his case, so successfully done. How can we allow that? Likewise, for Julian Assange, though not particularly a champion for freedom for Palestine, but freedom to know the crimes of the Empire.

    No wonder, then, that from the very beginning of the brutal war, expulsion, murdering, destroying continues to this day, continues almost a daily murdering, destroying of non-Jewish people residing in Israel and the land its military patrols with the successful murdering, destroying and plunder, for Palestine was not, “A land without a people, for a people without a land,” as but one of the endlessly repeated lies forced upon the UK and the West.

    This is your ally, British citizens and it is not an ally. It is and it willingly betrays you as this expose shows. The betrayal is how this operation is, “…committed to Israel’s economic and tech interests.” Not that of Britain, for this is a ‘King David Hotel’ within the country.


    Comment by michael | December 11, 2022 | Reply

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