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The pharma inquisitors are coming

start the busses and warm up your throwing arms

by el gato malo – bad cattitude – december 23, 2022

long time readers will know of my past predictions on the pfizer phuture of governments turning upon the big pharma co’s that pushed the covid vaccines and declaring fraud in order to use “we wuz lied to!” as the low energy climbdown out of the eye of public rage that will land upon them should anyone ever figure out what a full blown disaster this has been.

the movement appears to be starting in earnest. first a drop, then a trickle, until one day it’s a dam burst and a torrent.

well, here comes the rain:

DeSantis’ Grand Jury Impaneled to Investigate mRNA Vaccine Manufacturers

as astonishing as it may sound after the last 3 years, it is still, in fact, illegal to sell and market products (especially drugs) based on false claims. even in america, phraud is still a phelony. (it also pierces the EUA liability waiver)

The statewide grand jury will be allowed to investigate groups involved in the design, development, clinical testing, marketing, and distribution of vaccines said to prevent COVID-19 infection, symptoms, and transmission. It will be impaneled for one year.

DeSantis’ petition argued that there was widespread belief that the COVID-19 vaccine prevented the disease from spreading, which led to vaccine mandates on citizens, health care workers, and military members.

“It is impossible to imagine that so many influential individuals came to this view on their own. Rather, it is likely that individuals and companies with an incentive to do so created these perceptions for financial gain,” the petition said.

The petition specifically points out Moderna and Pfizer’s claims about preventing the COVID-19 disease with “94.1% efficacy” and “91.3% vaccine efficacy.”

now, many, especially in the hyper-partisan tribalism of the US may try to write this off as a political stunt, and while i suspect it may also be quite politically effective, i doubt that is the primary purpose. there are just too many facts here that don’t add up and this is the path to start getting to the bottom of it.

it’s really not yet clear to me how effective this can or will be. pfizer is a canny company and managed much of their apparent malfeasance in locales like argentina that are notoriously difficult jurisdictions from which to compel the production of documents and witnesses.

on the other hand, the onus lies up the claimant to prove the claims they made are valid and there are entire armories of smoky looking guns lying around in the dodgy looking data.

it will be an interesting wrestling match.

but it is FAR from the only potential bout on the card.

the european commission has been trying to get pfizer CEO albert bourla in to have a few words about the deeply unusual manner in which the EU contracts were signed and EC president ursula von der lyin’ (that was probably a typo or something) sure seems to have lost all her records on the matter.

more dogs are eating more homework as israeli interest in this matters is piqued as well.

and then come the germans who also seem to have some pointy questions of their own.

pfizer and moderna may not be quite running out of friends yet, but they certainly seem to have no shortage of new inquisitors who are starting to take far more than passing interests in the l’affaires covidienne.

this is how the tail gets caught in the ringer and the rest of the beast inexorably follows.

once the questions start in earnest and from all sides, the game can really change…

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  1. Apparently the SHIFT key on your keyboard doesn’t work. How do you expect anybody to take you seriously, if you can’t even use capital letters at the start of each sentence? WTF? How am I supposed to send your article to other people to read, when it looks like it’s been written by an idiot?


    Comment by Steve Jones | December 23, 2022 | Reply

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