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Evidence on Pfizer pfunnybusiness continues to mount

The time to proclaim pfraud throw the vaxx companies under the bus approaches

by el gato malo – bad cattitude – january 13, 2023

you gotta hand it to the project veritas gang, their investigative journos get the goods.

back in 2021 they managed this interview.

meet chris croce, pfizer “senior associate scientist” and doubtless “recipient of some serious stink eye around the watercooler” blabbermouth.

according to señor chris:

  • myocarditis is a concern from the vaxx, especially for younger people
  • and they “are looking into” why
  • they just sent 3000 patients’ samples for testing for elevated troponin levels (a marker associated with heart attacks)
  • has no idea “what it looks like” as they do not have data back yet
  • hopefully, it’s good because if it’s bad, that might “pull something from the market”


has anyone ever seen this data?

because i certainly have not.


but then … continue

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  1. And, meanwhile the SILENCE from Fauci, “smiling” Billy Gates, Kreepy Klaus Schwab, golden boy Trudeau, NZ PM Mrs Adhern(?), and the myriad of other “PUSHERS of this fraud… DEAFENING.


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | January 15, 2023 | Reply

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