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Plain English guide to the pandemic treaty

By Libby Klein | Reclaim Ethical Medicine | January 17, 2023

There are some absolute pearlers buried in the Pandemic treaty:

  1. Gain of function research is on for young and old – we must not be inhibited by red tape, just get on with it.
  2. Global sharing of patient data, specimens and pathogens is also the order of the day. Feel free to pick and choose which bits of existing international law to observe.
  3. We must have a singular focus on vaccines as the answer to everything. We will target the vulnerable in the name of equity, especially in developing nations, with fast tracked, under-tested new drugs – and only give them biased information in favour of taking the treatment.

Oh, and remember these key points:

  1. The WHO is central to everything.
  2. The WHO owns the science.
  3. The WHO controls raw materials, production, allocation, distribution and financing of pandemic products.
  4. The WHO will decide what restrictions to impose on you to address climate change because climate change might affect your health.
  5. The WHO decides what medical treatments are allowed, and which are banned.
  6. The WHO decides what is allowed to be spoken, and stamps out voices of dissent.

I hope you don’t believe me. No sane person would. Read for yourself the ‘Conceptual Zero Draft” of the proposed pandemic treaty. There’s a plain English guide here:

Pandemic Treaty Plain English Guide 17jan2023
727KB ∙ PDF File


Please read it, then tell at least one person about this stupid treaty every day, until it goes away.

January 17, 2023 - Posted by | Civil Liberties, Science and Pseudo-Science |

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  1. WHO do you think you are?
    I know one thing the WHO is NOT. It is NOT a US government agency and therefore does NOT have authority over US citizens. The WHO like the UNO is a “supranational” organization outside the jurisdiction of the United States government and therefore the United States is NOT compelled to abide by WHO policies and guidelines.


    Comment by Thomas Lee Simpson | January 17, 2023 | Reply

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