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The WHO wants to control everyone and everything, everywhere, in the name of health, equity and global solidarity

By Libby Klein | Reclaim Ethical Medicine | January 18, 2023

I’ve gone through the “Conceptual Zero Draft” of the proposed pandemic treaty, line by line, trying to figure out what it means. It wasn’t that much fun. But it sure had my eyes out on stalks more than once. Like the bit where WHO can decide what is a fact. And what is a “falsified” treatment. And appropriate money from member States and use it to foist vaccines on people in developing countries. And set aside protections in other treaties if they are inconvenient. And dictate what “social measures” are required in addition to “public health measures”.

My summary of the proposed pandemic treaty is set out below. Notice how broad the scope is. How comprehensively the WHO will be in control of everyone, everything, everywhere, all in the name of health, equity and global “solidarity”.

It’s urgent to oppose this before it rolls over us like a steamroller. The World Health Organisation is working hard on the next draft, for consideration by the “Intergovernmental Negotiating Body” in February, and the World Health Assembly in May 2023 (see timeline below)

(Is the treaty a furphy? A decoy to take our eye off the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations, which are being negotiated in parallel with the treaty? Maybe, but there’s no way I want to take that risk and assume we can ignore it…)


  1. Have a read of this amazing summary of everything the WHO is up to. There is also my summary of the treaty below. If you’re keen also read this plain English translation of the treaty.
  2. Pick out your 3 favourite horror-story highlights. Which 3 things are the most egregious, in your view?
  3. Tell your friends and your politicians we need to pull out of the WHO, before it’s too late.

Summary of the proposed pandemic treaty

The WHO is to control everyone and everything, everywhere, in the name of health, equity and global solidarity


Because of climate change and the likely increase in diseases crossing over from animals to humans, and increasing resistance to antibiotics, we are likely to have more pandemics in the future.


If we centralise decision-making about pandemics right across the globe, and if everyone falls into line, everyone can be healthier.  Vaccines and other new medical products are the solution to pandemics and the proposed treaty.


The proposed treaty will make sure everyone can access vaccines and other new pandemic products. The WHO is the right body to control everything centrally, because it is the directing and coordinating authority for:

  • international health work;
  • convening and generating scientific evidence; and
  • fostering international cooperation in global health governance.


Everything can impact health, so WHO has to be in charge of everything.


The world needs WHO to control and oversee:

  • a global system for production and distribution of medical products
  • stockpiling of medical products
  • fast-tracking of research and development, and licensing of new products
  • sharing of pathogen samples, genetic sequences, and benefits arising from those things being shared
  • increased surveillance of diseases
  • implementation of digital health
  • a system of peer reviews and table-top exercises
  • public health and social measures necessary for dealing with pandemics and situations that might give rise to pandemics
  • censorship

Obligations of parties to the treaty

  • All must cooperate with the WHO in relation to all of the above measures.
  • Wealthy nations must provide funding for the WHO and for developing countries
  • Nations maintain their sovereignty – except where that means other nations are at risk
  • Communities must be primed to accept public health measures and social measures


Tho WHO reckons this treaty is urgent and important, so:

  • Start date is fast-tracked
  • Once in, you can’t get out for 3 years
  • The treaty can be amended by majority vote and amendments will apply to everyone.
  • No adjudication by a court of law if parties are in dispute.

Timeline for pandemic treaty

A “Consensus draft” draft will be considered at the May 2023 World Health Assembly. In other words: by May 2023, the content of the treaty already have been agreed in the backrooms.

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  1. As far as I’m aware, the WHO has no political power whatsoever, and has never been authorised by anyone, to do anything that is binding on the countries it represents.

    It appears to be trying to impose its will on the various countries around the World despite the fact it has NO political power from the individual countries that it thinks it represents.

    It’s almost like the WEF, run by “Kreepy Klause”, who looks like he ran a string of “Death Camps” in a previous life.

    Why would we take any notice of these self appointed Rat Bags?


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | January 19, 2023 | Reply

  2. Since the world’s population has descended into abysmal stupidity, we will probably go along with this grand scheme as well, and end up in slavery. There just is no cure for stupidity, which tries to bring up arguments to justify itself and its existence.


    Comment by Peter | January 19, 2023 | Reply

  3. The WHO is part of the modern day Global Bolshevik Revolution we are experiencing, famines, controlled weather, Spike protein toxin deaths and disabilities, climate change restriction crap, Bolshevik style executions of dissenters?….

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by brianconcannon | January 20, 2023 | Reply

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