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China issues correction to US and NATO over Ukraine

RT | April 6, 2023

NATO, not China, is responsible for the crisis in Ukraine and has no moral standing from which to criticize Beijing, foreign ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said during a press conference on Thursday.

“The US and the military bloc of NATO shoulder unshirkable responsibilities on the Ukraine crisis,” Mao continued, arguing that NATO “is in no position to criticize or pressure China” to take its side.

“On the Ukraine crisis, China upholds an objective and just position. We have been advocating a political settlement of the crisis and working for talks for peace,” she explained, claiming that this was a strategy “supported by the vast majority of countries in the world.”

“History will tell who is truly standing on the right side upholding justice.”

On Wednesday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg warned China to curtail its “growing alignment” with Moscow, accusing Beijing of “prop[ping] up Russia’s economy” and “refus[ing] to condemn Russia’s aggression.”

Supplying weapons to NATO’s arch-nemesis, Stoltenberg added, “would be a historic mistake, with profound implications.”

Beijing has repeatedly denied having any plans to provide lethal aid to Russia, which has likewise denied reports that it has requested military equipment from the Chinese.

The two nations have grown closer over the past year, vowing to “further deepen mutual military trust” after last month’s meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese Premier Xi Jinping at the Kremlin.

However, Putin more recently clarified that there was no “military alliance with China” on the horizon, merely “cooperation in the sphere of military-technical interaction.” The West, he argued, was merely projecting its fantasy of a new axis similar to the fascist enemy of World War II onto its chief geopolitical rivals.

The US has nevertheless sanctioned several Chinese companies for allegedly supplying parts used in Iranian drones, which Washington claims are being used by Russia in Ukraine.

The US Treasury announced new sanctions on five Chinese companies and one individual said to be “responsible for the sale and shipment of thousands of aerospace components” to Iran, including parts that could be used to make drones. Iran, too, has denied providing weapons to Russia for use in the Ukrainian conflict.

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  1. NATO Allies are the chief suppliers of weapons to Ukraine. But NATO head Stoltenberg complains that China is supplying weapons to Russia, a nation that is fighting a war against NATO proxy Ukraine. How ironical and wrong can he be. China has made it clear that it does not and never will support NATO’s war against Russia and that China is not providing weapons of war to Russia. It will be the NATO allies that will be viewed as on the wrong side of history. NATO will not be blessed by historians as a defensive alliance either. It viewed by most of the world’s nations as a military bully whose offensive posture is responsible for thousands if not millions of deaths around the world. NATO will be savaged by historians for all the terrible things it has done to mankind since 1991.


    Comment by Thomas Lee Simpson | April 6, 2023 | Reply

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