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No end to this story: Expect a drip-drip or steady trickle of US military leaks

April 13, 2023 - Posted by | Aletho News |


  1. Are we taking this story as genuine? I think we need to be more critical. There is nothing believable about any of this, it only sounds like a good story to a hack writer who couldn’t make it in Hollywood. The interview with the “teen” is the most obvious part, listen to the language he uses, none of it is spontaneous, natural, or age appropriate. It’s all scripted. Very sensational. The outcomes they are calling for are things they’ve been calling for for a long time. Odd how that works.


    Comment by hamburgertime | April 13, 2023 | Reply

  2. Why on earth would Russia need to *buy* weapons from Turkey? Do they have special technologies and resources in Turkey they don’t have in Russia? Even if Turkey were just a broker, Russia can get any weapons they don’t have from China. Again, none of it is believable.


    Comment by hamburgertime | April 13, 2023 | Reply

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