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Expert Warns: Cars Soon Unaffordable To 50% Of Germans! “Huge Social Conflict”… Idiotic, Singular Policy”

Ideological green policies are tearing Germany’s economy apart

By P Gosselin | No Tricks Zone | April 12, 2023

In an interview, Prof. Kurt Lauk, former economic council head and automobile manager, warns half of Germans “will no longer be able to afford a car.” Socially explosive…”a disgrace”.

He also warns of a rapid demolition of Germany’s economic backbone: the automotive industry.

“It is a disgrace what is sitting in the chair of Ludwig Erhard or Graf Lambsdorff. The hostility to technology coming from the Ministry of Economics is unbearable. Everywhere where we are or were world market leaders, we have gone about abolishing it,” Lauk said in an interview . It is the “worst thing that could happen” for German industry.

“For several years now, we have been working hard to destroy this competitive advantage of German industry or to hand it over to other nations. We now have ‘economic heads’ sitting in the Ministry of Economics who have no other professional qualifications,” Lauk added.

Lauk says Germany’s technological advantages are now in jeopardy because the backbone of Germany’s economy and driver of innovation is the country’s automotive industry. “This is where most of the jobs are.”

150 years of technological experience “thrown away”

“The technological advantage of German carmakers through 150 years of experience with the combustion engine, transmissions etc. is being recklessly abandoned, Lauk said. “We are throwing away our competitive advantage and adopting the ‘Chinese drive’. Because 80 per cent of the battery drives come from China. That means China has driven us up against the wall in a strategic situation. And with our naivety, we didn’t realize what was happening.”

Unaffordable for the bottom 50% 

Lauk warns that because of e-cars being considerably more expensive than conventional combustion engine vehicles: “The bottom fifty percent of the income pyramid will no longer be able to find a vehicle for less than 40,000 euros.” and thus this group will see significantly restricted mobility.

Tinder dry social powder keg of the haves and have nots

“Today you can get a cheap, suitable vehicle for 15,000, 18,000 or 20,000 euros. That will no longer be the case. We are running into a huge social conflict with this idiotic, singular policy to drive with electric batteries.”

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  1. The Greens have adopted a Malthusian outlook that centers their beliefs on the lie that the world is over populated. It is Malthusian ideology that drives the Green’s policies. Therefore progress is an obstruction to achieving their goal of depopulation. EV’s need electricity to operate. The Greens were a fringe party for many years because German society correctly viewed Green Party policies as antithetical to Germany’s post war history as an industrial power. But then, after 1971, globalist bankers decided to begin to deindustrialize economies in the West. GATT policy changes were made and WTO was created to fit the new global paradigm British bankers like to call “buy cheap – sell dear”. W. German deindustrialization had to wait though. Its importance was tied to its geopolitical importance as a buffer to E. Germany and the Soviet Union. As soon as the DDR collapsed Thatcher and Bush made sure Lyndon LaRouche’s “productive triangle” alternative was not adopted by Helmut Kohl. Instead the propaganda machine of the Anglosphere gave the Green Party the exposure and acceptance it needed to break down German resistance to the Green’s Malthusian policy. By 2000, Western economies were being driven by consumption while Asia became the economic driver of production. Once the Green Party gained enough seats in the Bundestag to effect national policy they went to work attacking Germany’s nuclear industry. Then the Climate Change fraud that originated in Great Britain by some of the most dangerous people on earth was used to brainwash a science-barren German population to abandon the use of 21st century technology for 12th century wind and solar!! Once nuclear was out of the way the Malthusian’s went to work on eliminating fossil fuels. Search the internet for the population density of 12th century Europe. That is where these Malthusian’s are taking civilization.


    Comment by Thomas L Simpson | April 15, 2023 | Reply

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