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This is a great documentary by Free Mind Films about the 1995 False Flag Event bombing in Oklahoma City. The government claims that 168 people were killed, including nineteen children. For years following the bombing, countless victims family members, survivors, rescuers, and ordinary Americans, have questioned the government’s conspiracy theory (aka the official story) about that fateful day. Hoping to shed light on answers long ignored and censored, both by prominent media outlets and the U.S. Government, A Noble Lie peels back what we thought we knew about the bombing and the perpetrators. This film exposes information never before examined or brought to the attention of the American public. A Noble Lie is the culmination of years of research and documentation conducted by independent journalists, scholars, and ordinary citizens. Often risking their personal safely and sanity, they have gathered evidence which threatens to expose the startling reality of what exactly occurred at 9:02 am on April 19, 1995 in Oklahoma City.

The Murrah building was bombed for three reasons, two having to do with records stored there and the destruction of those records, and overall to promote THE FAKE WAR ON TERROR. They were:
1) The first set of records were those concerning the Clinton’s and their CIA op’s in Mena, Arkansas which involved drug smuggling, gun running, and the whole Iran Contra affair.
2) The second set of records of greater concern had to do with the Anthrax vaccine and the use of depleted uranium weaponry, both which had many adverse effects on our troops which participated in Gulf War 1. These records were to be used in lawsuits against the federal government for what is known as Gulf War Syndrome.
3) The “official” definition of Terrorism had been changed in all dictionaries from GOVERNMENT BY INTIMIDATION to extremists fighting against democracy. The OKC bombing was setting the stage for their biggest “upcoming” False Flag Event which was 911. That event would be the Final Solution (along with the COVID-19 PLANdemic) in bringing forth the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda against mankind.

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  1. I love how Americans cry and pray about the deaths of men, women and children in such incidents as the Oklahoma bombing, BUT never stop to cry and pray for the Palestinian, Iraqi, Syrian men, women and children, whose American dollars support the terror in these countries.
    They forget the millions they killed in Vietnam and now are funding the war in Ukraine, where hundreds of thousands of Russian & Ukraine soldiers have been killed and maimed!
    America is the proud owner of the NOBLE LIE!


    Comment by Pip | April 25, 2023 | Reply

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