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Line up children, the COVID sniffing dog is here to judge you

Who thought this was a good idea?


A recent paper in JAMA Pediatrics shows how badly adults dehumanized children. Before I explain, as background, I work as a health care provider in California. During the pandemic, I never had to asymptomatically test even during hospital work. No dog ever smelled me. Keep that in mind as I tell you about this. Because these Ca kids have more restrictions than doctors working in the hospital w the sickest patients!

Here is what researchers did. They trained the dog to sniff out COVID-19. Then, they lined up kids in school. Kids had to stand 6 feet apart. (Apparently they also had to mask — see pic). They had to face away from the dogs who smelled their ankle. If the kid had covid, the dog would sit down. Then all kids got tested with Binax, and researchers could see how the dog did.

It strikes me as a bit dehumanizing to treat children like this. Especially since ~100% would later go on to develop COVID. The vast majority would get COVID without getting a vaccine. Seems that lining them up in the schoolyard, and having a dog sniff them— something I have only been subject to in airports, where I assume they are sniffing for bomb residue or drugs— is a bit extreme.

I worry how a child might feel if they go to school feeling fine, and the dog sits down besides them. Their classmates— even thought they are told to face away— will still know. The dog will stop moving. And let’s be honest, kids will look around. Did they pull the kid from school then? Did any kids start crying? Seems messed up to me. Why did they have to do this with children?

Why do I note this: isn’t it something that not a single person flagged this idea and said: if we are going to do this, let’s do it for doctors or nurses, or at least adults. It is kinda fucked up to treat children like this, and future generations may look at us like we are out of minds. When they look back at the IFR in kids, they may think we are actually insane.

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