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Unrepentant Corona arch-villain Christian Drosten re-emerges to give the vaccines credit for ending the pandemic

Insists that lockdowns and school closures remain policy options in the future

Virus-understander-in-chief Christian Drosten posing as a scrappy compassionate avatar of The Science, rather than the conniving and perpetually wrong loser that he is.
eugyppius: a plague chronicle | May 6, 2023

That eternal turd who will not flush, Christian Drosten, has resurfaced with an odious media interview, demanding that the vaccines receive credit for ending the pandemic and that oppressive non-pharmaceutical interventions like lockdowns and school closures remain on the table for future pandemics.

From Tagesspiegel :

The measures taken by the federal and state governments in the Corona pandemic proved highly controversial and triggered fierce debates. The Berlin Charité virologist Christian Drosten, among the advocates of harsh restrictions, has now warned against drawing the wrong conclusions. The “fundamental, ideological exclusion of lockdowns and school closures” is foolhardy, Drosten told the newspapers of the Funke Mediengruppe.

“Not all pathogens have the same characteristics. A virus could surface that is especially dangerous for children, for example, or that triggers insidious sequelae despite a harmless initial infection.”

“The school closures in 2020 and 2021 were a mistake, but please don’t take away our power to close schools again in the future! The next virus might really be dangerous to children! We don’t always cry wolf, except when we do!”

Infections such like mumps and measles have caused brain inflammation, diabetes or infertility, the director of the Institute of Virology added. “If such a virus developed into a highly transmissible pandemic pathogen, politicians would inevitably have to take measures. You can’t categorically rule out things like lockdowns and school closures, that’s neither realistic nor responsible.”

Yes, you can categorically rule out lockdowns and school closures. We literally never did any of this before at this scale or for this duration in response to any virus, nor were lockdowns or other invasive measures ever even contemplated until the Chinese gave you guys a bunch of evil ideas three years ago. What’s more, all of your interventions were utter, abject failures; they did nothing.

Drosten also criticised the public debate on Covid vaccinations, which “is often still destructive.” The fact that further Covid vaccinations for children and many adults are now no longer recommended “does not prove that vaccines have always been unnecessary,” the Charité professor emphasised.

“Rather, with the help of vaccinations, we have mitigated the impact of infections and developed a high level of immunity in the population. This is the only reason that the vaccine recommendations could now be changed.”

Had we vaccinated not a single soul, we’d have identical levels of immunity in the population right now from Omicron. We also wouldn’t have all those awkward vaccine injury headlines.

In case you’re not yet angry enough, though, it gets worse:

The director of the Institute for International Health at Charité, Beate Kampmann, warned against vaccine scepticism. “Vaccination is not only about the well-being of the individual, but also about the health of society as a whole, that is public health, and that also means solidarity,” she told the newspapers.

“Sometimes people forget that they contribute to the protection of everyone with their personal decision. That was true for Corona, but it’s also true for measles, for example.”

Why are these assholes always lying, I want to know. The vaccines were not intended to stop transmission, the trials weren’t designed to show whether they would stop transmission, and we’ve known beyond all doubt since the summer of 2021 that they don’t stop transmission. Nobody who was vaccinated against Corona contributed to anybody else’s health at all, this is all just a straight-up untruth.

The pandemicists aren’t going away. They have amassed a great toolkit of new powers, and they will be slinking around for decades waiting for the next opportunity to try them out all over again. Now that the virus hysteria has boiled off and some minimal standards of rationality have returned to the discussion, it should be a priority to discredit every last one of these virus pests, Corona astrologers, modellers, and panic mongerers, now and for all time. Otherwise we’re at great risk for getting the same thing all over again.

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  1. Hanging is too good for this creep!


    Comment by papasha408 | May 6, 2023 | Reply

  2. I wonder if that poseur has had his 5 shots

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    Comment by charles allan | May 7, 2023 | Reply

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