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Ex-Russian space boss questions US Moon landing

RT | May 7, 2023

The former head of Russia’s Roscosmos space agency, Dmitry Rogozin, has expressed doubt that the US Apollo 11 mission really landed on the Moon in 1969, saying he has yet to see conclusive proof.

In a post on his Telegram channel on Sunday, Rogozin said he began his personal quest for the truth “about ten years ago” when he was still working in the Russian government, and that he grew skeptical about whether the Americans had actually set foot on the Moon when he compared how exhausted Soviet cosmonauts looked upon returning from their flights, and how seemingly unaffected the Apollo 11 crew was by contrast.

Rogozin said he sent requests for evidence to Roscosmos at the time. All he received in response was a book featuring Soviet Cosmonaut Aleksey Leonov’s account of how he talked to the American astronauts and how they told him they had been on the Moon.

The former official wrote that he continued with his efforts when he was appointed head of Roscosmos in 2018. However, according to Rogozin, no evidence was presented to him. Instead, several unnamed academics angrily criticized him for undermining the “sacred cooperation with NASA,” he claimed.

The former Roscosmos chief also said he had “received an angry phone call from a top-ranking official” who supposedly accused him of complicating international relations.

Rogozin concluded by saying he still cannot believe that the US was able to pull off the feat, but is now unable to, despite the incredible progress in technology since the late 1960s.

What he claims to have found out, however, was that Washington has “its people in [the Russian] establishment.”

Apollo 11 was the first manned mission to the Moon, with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin going down in history as the first humans to walk on the lunar surface.

The flight was preceded by the unmanned Soviet Luna 2 program, which blazed the trail for Moon exploration.

Last April, President Vladimir Putin pledged to resume Russia’s lunar program.

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  1. Verrrry interesting! I might have been naive enough to believe the US establishment and its acolytes in 1969, but today I have serious doubts about then, now, and for the foreseeable future until the inevitable “fall of empire.”


    Comment by roberthstiver | May 7, 2023 | Reply

  2. Most Americans are Natural Born Liars!
    The Elephant in the Room:
    Silence and Denial in Everyday Life
    Eviatar Zerubavel
    This chapter explores institutionalized prohibitions against looking, listening, and speaking that help keep certain matters off-limits. It is noted that what is seen, heard, and talked about is influenced by both normative and political pressures. The role of power in the social organization of attention and discourse is then addressed. Power enables people to control the amount of information that is conveyed to them. It also involves control over the bounds of acceptable discourse and involves the ability to redirect others’ attention by “changing the subject.” Silencing is used “as a weapon of subjugation…the suffocation of the Other’s voice.” Imposing secrecy need not involve any verbal exchange at all, as when a potential witness is promoted or given a raise in tacit exchange for his or her silence, or when a child molester simply closes the blinds or locks the door. Silencing is thus often done in utter silence.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Pip | May 8, 2023 | Reply

  3. “academics angrily criticized him for undermining the “sacred cooperation with NASA,””
    The sacred cooperation with NASA, the academics “sacred” cooperation with liar NASA. Those few words really give a peek into the relationship between NASA and the school system, particularly at the University level.
    I have no doubt Rogozin has long known nobody went to the moon, or ever will. Its all about timing, as far as his interest in the subject.
    The Russians know the U.S. didn’t go, and the U.S. knows the Russians know they didn’t go, and the Russians know the U.S. knows the Russians know they didn’t go, and the U.S. knows the Russians know the U.S. knows …

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by poisonedwater | May 8, 2023 | Reply

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