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Andrew Bridgen and Fraser Myers clash in fiery debate on Covid vaccine harms

GBNews | May 8, 2023

Andrew Bridgen, a Member of Parliament in the UK, has been vocal about vaccine harms and the origins of Covid.

Fraser Myers, deputy editor of Spiked online, published an article called “The delusions of Andrew Bridgen – Conspiratorial thinking corrodes reason, democracy and humanism”.

The pair joined Andrew Doyle on GB News in a fiery debate.

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  1. Fraser Myers’ attack on “conspiratorial thinking” exposes his allegiance to the conspirators, protecting them by such slurs. Such thinking surely enhances civilized society’s awareness of potential conspiracies. This does not “corrode reason”, it exercises it. Denigrating thinking is corrosive. Conspiratorial thinking does not “corrode democracy” but again, it forms an important distinction between freedom of thought and expression versus denial of free thinking and expression, which is symptomatic of dictatorships. And “corrosion of humanism” is again the opposite of what free thinking elucidates; it aids humanism.
    Myers ignores, of course, any notion that the elite who meet at the World Economic Forum may have several vested interests in promoting injections at tax-payers’ expense World-wide, as many are vested in pharmaceutical corporations which have made large profits from the roll-out. That these corporations filed for immunity from prosecution for any deleterious effects does cast aspersions on the safety of their products. There are more serious strands of the conspiracy which are worthy of thought. One is that population reduction is a long-term aspiration of WEF members such as Rockefeller. Another is that controlling the populace ‘for the good of Humanity’ is an aspiration of the Global Dictators. But that is a theory requiring a lengthy treatise.
    At the outset, it seemed reasonable to suppress the side-effects in order not to dissuade the public from taking the jabs. But that was when we were led to believe that covid was the most deadly disease since the Black Death. Two years later it is no longer a serious risk. That cannot be due to vaccines because large swathes of the public, especially in developing countries where the take-up was low, have not succumbed to the virus any more than those who took the jabs. Myers belittles the certified deaths from the injections whereas any deaths or even damaging side-effects such as blood-clots on the brain or heart should make one wary. By comparison, the small number of deaths before seat-belts were made compulsory, convinces everyone to wear them. In statistics on covid, injection deaths are likely to be censored given that the WHO directed coroners to ascribe all deaths to covid where symptoms showed, even those from road accidents.
    Apparently, another ‘pandemic’ is expected, with no doubt more pharmaceutical ‘roll-outs’. So Andrew Bridgen is kindly warning the thinking public not to be deceived again.
    Incidentally, Bridgen is wrong to claim this is the biggest Crime against Humanity since the Holocaust because the Holocaust was against a specific religious/ethnic group, whereas covid, the lock-down and the vaccines may well constitute the biggest Crime against the whole of Humanity.

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    Comment by jbthring | May 9, 2023 | Reply

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