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Israel prevents foreign journalists from entering Gaza

MEMO | May 11, 2023

The Israeli occupation authorities have been preventing foreign journalists from entering Gaza since the start of its offensive on Tuesday night.

In a press release, Head of Government Media Office (GMO) in Gaza, Salameh Maarouf, said: “The Israeli occupation has been closing Beit Hanoon Crossing and preventing foreign media crews from entering the strip to cover its offensive.”

Maarouf called on the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and all other bodies concerned with the freedom of the press and freedom of speech to take practical measures against the Israeli occupation so that it lifts its restrictions on the entry of media crews.

He considered the Israeli ban on the entry of foreign media as a “violation of the freedom of journalists to practice their work, as well as a violation of their right to free movement.”

At the same time, he pointed out that the Israeli occupation bans foreign journalists from entering Gaza during every offensive it carries out against the besieged coastal enclave.

Maarouf stressed that the “silence of the international bodies concerned with media is the reason that encourages the Israeli occupation to repeat and continue its oppressive and suppressive violations.”

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  1. If no criminal charges are lodged, if no crime is reported, then the crime doesn’t happen and there is no criminal, no victim. Right?

    It’s a form of the “protection racket”. In this case, Israel will not bring harm to those it intimidates in the media. And since so much of the media is slovenly obedient to censorship of its owners, then, the slaughter of Israel’s non-citizen ‘citizens’ continues unabated, Israel continues to have “an iron clad” partnership with America.

    A partnership is complicity if no objections are made. Worse, the complicity is a partnership. Both Israel and America are waging a war on Israel’s non-citizen ‘citizens’.

    Censor reports of the war, the slaughter, then the war-crimes aren’t. Right?

    But, America, you know what Israel and its partner commit, don’t you? Are you a willing partner, America? To do nothing is complicity. Right?

    I object to the crimes herein of both. This is not the America I want it to be. How it has been stolen is also a crime. A heinous, vile and immoral crime in both regards.


    Comment by michael | May 11, 2023 | Reply

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