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German Greens In Crisis, Plummet 40% In Opinion Polls As Anger Mounts Over Bans, Scandals

By P Gosselin | No Tricks Zone | May 21, 2023

Being the media darlings has not prevented the German Greens from collapsing in the public opinion polls. 40% of green voters have taken their approval away since it peaked in popularity at 23%.

A series of unpopular, draconian policy proposals along with cronyism scandals have resulted in a body blow for Green Party popularity in Germany.

Accusations of cronyism have surfaced after a top advisor of Green Economics Minister Robert Habeck awarded state contracts to family members and other close associates.

Secretary for Climate Affairs Dr. Patrick Graichen is accused of having awarded government contracts to a research institute run by multiple members of his family. He also appointed his best man to head the German Energy Agency.

The woes for Graichen may also be compounding as “a suspicion of violations of citation rules” regarding his doctoral thesis has surfaced.

Today critical site reports “German Greens are in crisis!

“Thanks to the Graichen scandal and the dispute between the Socialist-Green government over the heat pump law, the party has recently plummeted in the polls to 14 percent, well behind the hard right AfD (17 percent) – ten months ago the Greens were still at 23 percent,” reports Pleiteticker. That means the party has lost 40% of its voter base.

This is the result of the most recent INSA survey by BILD am Sonntag.

“More than half of Germans (56 per cent) say Habeck is doing a bad job, only 25 per cent attest him good work – in June, 2022, 43 per cent of people still thought Habeck was a good minister. Forty-two per cent even think Habeck is damaging the reputation of the Greens, only 9 per cent think he is helping the party’s reputation,” comments Pleiteticker.

The future for the Greens will remain bleak, with no signs of a turnaround in sight. In fact chances are better than even that things are going to get a lot worse as the bills for energy and drastic green policies start coming due.

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  1. The greens are good at lining their own pockets while emptying every one else’s


    Comment by charles allan | May 21, 2023 | Reply

  2. Why did it take a crisis of this magnitude for the German people to wake up and recognize the incompetence of the Greens and the scientific fraud inherent in Green policies? Is it because Germans bought into the climate change fraud without thinking of the negative consequences all Germans would suffer from shutting down nuclear power plants, and replacing them with solar and wind? Germans were told clean energy from solar and wind is better than lots of dirty energy from fossil fuels. It’s as if the majority of German citizens had abandoned a perfectly good ship to jump in shark-infested waters. By shutting down the cleanest and most efficient source of energy in order to rely on 12th-century technology……it’s as if the nation that gave us Beethoven had gone mad!

    We have a similar problem in the US except that a glimmer of hope was seen recently when the Green Party joined the Peoples Party, the Libertarian Party, and the Schiller Institute to “Rage Against The War Machine”.
    Last February 19, these organizations came together on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to denounce NATO’s provoked war against Russia. Speakers included three former Congressmen, most notably Tulsi Gabbert, comedian Jimmy Dore, LaRouche Independent pre-candidate Diane Sare, who is running for a seat in the US Senate from the State of NY. As well as several bloggers and alternate-media hosts. Five thousand people came to demonstrate against the Biden war machine. It is considered the largest anti-war demonstration since the US invaded Iraq.


    Comment by Thomas Lee Simpson | May 22, 2023 | Reply

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