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Is the BBC The Voice of Israel?

By M. Idrees |  Pulse Media | January 7, 2010

It has been a year since Israel’s savage assault on Gaza that killed more than 1400 civilians. For the duration of the attack the BBC did not have a single man or a woman inside Gaza to cover it. This would be understandable if there weren’t any means available to get a journalist into Gaza. But this was not the case. The BBC, unlike channels such as Al Jazeera International, appeared content to comply with Israeli demands to keep clear. Worse, its journalists parroted Israeli claims about the rationales and the consequences of the assault. Just as the British government provided tacit support for the assault, so the BBC assisted it by giving Israeli officials ample time to rationalize the atrocities. If this were not bad enough, the BBC then took the reprehensible step of refusing to run a Disasters and Emergencies Commission (DEC) appeal for the victims in Gaza.

When months latter it finally came to acknowledge that its coverage had indeed been biased, it claimed it was… too pro-Palestinian!

A week back we published a letter that friend of PULSE Anne Key had sent to the BBC complaining about the excessive deference with which it treats Israeli spokesmen. She has since received a reply in which, among the usual platitudes, the BBC editor writes: ‘We have given air-time to representatives from across the political spectrum and our correspondents are equally vigorous in their questioning of interviewees regardless of whether they are Israeli or Palestinian’. But the question was not whether the BBC gives airtime; it is rather the proportion of the airtime each side receives.

As the Glasgow University Media Group has shown in ironclad figures, the Israeli side receives a disproportionately higher amount of time. If the BBC questions these assertions, then it should present alternative figures which prove otherwise.

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  1. BBC. Stand for, british bullshit crap!

    Comment by It is I only | January 7, 2010

  2. The Chairman of the BBC aka B’naibrith Broadcasting Corporation) is a Jew. The wife of its MD is a Jew. Next question?

    Comment by Truthteller | January 7, 2010

    • There seems to be a real shortage of gentiles that have the competence to manage media corporations.

      Comment by aletho | January 7, 2010

      • There are competent gentiles but they do not get
        through the recruitment filter of the Chosenites.

        Comment by Truthteller | January 14, 2010

  3. It is interesting that according to the BBC Hamas members are “Hamas militants” but members of the PKK are “Kurdish rebels”. The BBC has become a Zionist mouthpiece.

    Comment by declassified | November 3, 2011

  4. look, the inbred House of WindSores who rule the U.K. are Rothschilds puppets, as are the kabuki theatre punks who parade around in the beltway and pretend they are a legitimate government in the U.S. THEY ALL WORK FOR ISRAEL, aka ROTHSCHILDS.

    there are no media outlets in the U.K., France or the U.S., or Australia or Canada who are NOT part of the zioturd khazarian fake jew propaganda plan per the Bauer/Rothschilds filth who rule the world.

    everything is by khazarian fake jews for Rothschilds in the MSM complex. ALL OF IT.

    Comment by ALL MEDIA IS ISRAELI MEDIA aka ROTHSCHILDS MEDIA | November 3, 2011

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