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  1. “unconcious or otherwise,they favorjews?”Is this guy taking the piss,or still using jew training wheels?What a disingenious detard.

    Comment by Cannibal Rabbi | January 14, 2010

  2. I was thinking the same thing, myself. I read that stupid article and thought to myself:
    What? Still bragging? Still hanging on other people’s coat-tails to prove your value?
    Jews can’t be that smart, bc look at the mess they have made in the middle east. Making that many people disgusted and then hiding behind Jewish skirts, the Knesset has become a liability for any Jewish American, due to it’s constant need to hate others.
    I’ve met stupid Jews. I’ve even had to cater to them. Articles like the aforementioned, show how stupid some Jews are, bc it is just plain stupid to ignore the lack of long range planning, and the paranoia that makes excellent tools out of good Jewish people.

    Comment by katz freedman | January 14, 2010

  3. BTW, that article is a rehash of the same ole bragging that has been going around for years, among stupid Jews.
    I think it makes the stupid ones feel smarter to believe that somehow they are smarter than everyone else. Or, maybe it’s just that they are taught such lies in schul.
    I have decided that the religion is stupid, as well. It can’t be that great, they way that women have to walk on the other side of the street to Temple, or are considered unclean when they have a baby, or a menstrual cycle. I realize that some Reform Jews have done away with that, but you still have to have a “get” to get rid of a loser, and you still have to sit around feeling victimized, in order to properly belong.
    I’m sorry, but even the concept of g-d, granting land, is pretty stupid. BTW, any g-d that is hateful is suspect, and any g-d that requires worship is not the creator.

    Comment by katz freedman | January 14, 2010

  4. And its the very reason I resist reading the NYT – they have become as schmaltzy as NY Magazine.

    Jews say that in the past American institutions weren’t open to them (to some degree true, as was the case for other non-WASPs). Now they have control of these institutions, they are doing the same thing claimed were done to them – such hypocrites.

    Now on to Israel and its great transformation: almost all due to US taxpayer funding (without need to fund its own defense forces – thanks to US, the savings were invested in building their “hi-tech” industry, massive investment funding by US State pension cos., pushed US Corps. to invest in Israel. All this was orchestrated by Israel and their US minions.

    My concern for Jews is that all supporting material/evidence and news is out there for prosperity sake on the internet and could be very much used against them if the unsuspecting US public were to awaken.

    Comment by Truth | January 14, 2010

  5. File this under article under “better late than never.” Jews are slowly waking up to their own blindness in seeing how bigotry might evolve out of being God’s Chosen and always seeing yourselves as the victim, never the victimizer.

    It was equal opportunity enforcement that opened institutions to minorities and Jews. But the Jews who benefited from opening opportunities helped squash the counter movement against quotas. Reverse discrimination precedents would have forced Jewish dominated businesses to be more diverse.

    So we have Jews congratulate each other on dominating banking, communications and politics while claiming gentiles who observe such things as anti-Semites.

    Not too long ago I heard Senator Boxer saying something like, “Imagine a poor little Jewish girl like me becoming a Senator” as if it had been a moon shot. She was from one of the richest counties in the country and from the Chosen. An incredible portion of our representation is now Jewish. And frankly, I wish the country would stop voting for them, not because we are bigots, but because they are – or as stated more temperately above – maybe it is just that many good people who are Jewish have left the bad aspects unexamined.

    Put that in my federal ADL “hate” file.

    Comment by G Street | January 14, 2010

    • The first and primary ‘achivement’ of the jews was getting gentile people to go into agreement with their scam that they are “Chosen” (and therefore supremely entitled, immune from the law, and all else that follows from having pseudo-deity status.)

      They are no more “Chosen” by God than anybody else. Their PR/lying and corruption- along with their inviolable loyalty to the Tribe- has been the key to their success. Not merit or superior talent or intelligence, as we can see that every area they usurp turns to trash. How can you lose when you have NO scruples? When you have no limits to the criminality you are allowed to get away with? Those who are allowed to murder, swindle without restraints and consequences will always get what they want. Outside of their extreme criminal ethos, this sect is extremely mediocre and have contributed little of cultural value over the centuries.

      But he most fascinating part of the “jewish phenonomen” is how they get so many sheeple to actually believe their “Chosen” garbage. I still never get over that one.

      Comment by smudge | January 14, 2010

  6. That’s exactly how the Jews gain control of the big institutions and companies. Once in, they hire mostly other Jews, especially for the top spots. When “kin” related companies work together in a network, the power to influence, to get their person in a position, is increased tremendously. And so eventually, Jews completely take over whole industries such as the media industry and banking. Rule of thumb: once a Jew is in the top spot, there will never be a non-Jew in that spot ever again.

    Comment by John | January 14, 2010

  7. I suggest you pull out a copy of the Protocols Learned Elders of Zion. Read up a little on Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Kruschev(Perlmutter)Warburg(Max and Paul), Schiff, Rothchild, Kissinger, Wolfowitz, Feith, Pearle, Hammer, the Lavon Affair, the USS Liberty just to name a few.

    Comment by robertsgt40 | January 14, 2010

  8. Yep, I’m convinced!
    One look at their medal count at the Olympics and I know these Jews from ziostan are at least a superior physical type.

    Of course they still deserve their status as a “Disadvantaged minority” for purposes of Federal contracts.

    After all, what’s a diamond merchant to do if he can’t get a preference!!!

    Comment by Hymie Kychowictz | January 14, 2010

  9. As one jew friend told me her favorite philosopher was Nietsche-the same one for the Nazis.i wondered how this was so pecular but knowing Hitler was really jewish helps explain

    Comment by peter moore | January 14, 2010

  10. Jewish banking money buys jewish control of media, academia and politics. Then the jews with control hire jews for all important positions. Then the jewish owned media instructs their jewish opinion leaders (commentators) to write articles claiming this is because of jewish superior intelligence. The only thing this proves is that jews are superior at clannishness, infiltration, racism, discrimination and bragging.

    Comment by wendywasp | January 14, 2010

    • The interest levied on the fraudulent US National Debt can enable the purchase of the newsmedia, US Congress, electronic entertainment, Banking, Wall Street, US Corporations and on and on. All funded by the fraudulent income tax scam collected by the Private Corporation the IRS. Bud

      Comment by Bud | January 14, 2010

  11. No group of individuals share intellectual attributes however Jews share one very important thing that gives them an edge and its so obvious it goes to prove the moronic idiocy of gentiles.

    Every Jew male by the age of 13 not only memorizes the Torah, but memorizes it in Hebrew on top of English or other language they may speak.

    At an age when gentiles are teaching their children how to self destruct their own personal relationships and how to survive in a white trash trailer park culture while sucking off the government, Jewish children are being supported and taught the fundamentals of reason and knowledge.

    Its their cohesion that guarantees their children a chance. Other folks, well, their cohesion lies at the bottom of a bottle or playing rounds of who can bite their toe nails.

    Comment by rachel | January 14, 2010

    • everybody knows this is true

      Comment by Bb | January 15, 2010

    • raccel, you’re on the wrong side of history. The jewish problem started long before they crusified Christ. There is a reason He called them the children of the Devil 2000 years ago.

      Comment by robertsgt40 | January 15, 2010

    • rachel-the only descision the jews have to make in business is either to steal or screw someone out of something. There is a reason the have been bounced out of every nation in Europe over the centuries. It wasn’t because they just wanted to worship at the temple.

      Comment by robertsgt40 | January 15, 2010

    • Baloney !!

      I know parents of dozens of Jew youth. Maybe once upon a LONG time ago, such scholarship was a Jew routine, but not any more. Why would it be nowadays? After all, they are the Chosen Race. if you don’t believe me, look up some of menachem begen’s statements. if you want to read some real racial hate, his writings of speeches are there for educational purposes. ha ha ha JZ

      Comment by joe z | January 15, 2010

    • Thank you Rachel for saying what Brooks wanted to say. Yes, the other 99.8% of us should willingly submit to kosher slavery.

      Op-eds Brooks won’t write:

      Stupid Jewish Superstitions
      Jews and 9/11
      Jews and the Federal Reserve
      The Murder of the Prophets
      Jews and the Slave Trade
      Crypto-Jews: We Are Everywhere
      Jewish Bloodlust
      Imaginary Jewish Victimhood

      Comment by Wrothchild | January 16, 2010

  12. Phillip, I tend to agree with both you and David Brooks. There is a lot of truth to David’s argument, but I’m afraid your argument is equally true. I worked in business development at Fox and I have a Jewish sounding last name as did the head of the legal dept. at the time. We both spilled the beans at the Christmas party that neither of us was Jewish and couldn’t help but feel maybe we had done something wrong. The President of the division, our boss, was Jewish. We were both gone in 6 months time. Coincidence? I would like to think so.

    Comment by Steve | January 14, 2010

  13. According to insane psychopaths, the reason they’re such geniuses is because they do things that a sane person with ethics wouldn’t even consider. The sane person could obviously come up with such a thing, but wouldn’t.

    For an example of the kind of genius Brooks is talking about, we need look no further than the celebrated genius Einstein. Yes, Einstein was such a genius he only achieved average marks at school. Then he goes to work for the patent office and suddenly comes up with the theory of relativity and all by himself. Of course none of it was plagiarism or lies.

    And from there it just goes on with the insane imbeciles who invented and used the atomic bomb. I don’t really want to think about what these ‘geniuses’ are going to come up with next.

    Comment by Pen | January 14, 2010

  14. The only change will come to the US is, when you will change your battle cry from “REMEMBER ALAMO” to “REMEMBER USS LIBERTY”

    Comment by Boris | January 14, 2010

  15. As a professor of Physics, I have read the bio of Einstein- he was opposed to the founding of a Zionist state in Israel. He was a Humanitarian 1st and a vegetarian. There has been a lot of “Hollywood” generated propaganda around how we Jews are the smartest Race, THE SUPERIOR RACE, and THE CHOSEN ONES- but my research indicates this was mostly pushed by Religiously Superstitious Rabbis. Although I bought this as a child in Hebrew Schule, the science does not support this view and more importantly- it can backfire on us. There are some very bright “JEWS” ( although No one seems to be able to define what a “JEW” actually is biologically) , but these jews are primarily and mostly German, Swiss, French, Polish and English. Of the pure Ashkenazi Jews from Khazaria it has been demonstrated that their IQ average is around 90 – not exactly genius level. I agree that if the Israeli Zionist were truly Intelligent , they would not be arresting great Physicists like Mordichai Vanunu or creating the Gaza Concentration camp or corrupting the US Congress with bribes to get their own way- because eventually people find out the truth.

    Comment by R. Wainwright | January 14, 2010

  16. Jews are master monopolists..

    Comment by Yid-free | January 14, 2010

  17. Does SAYANIM explain the Jewish success? Methinks so! It is not genius or other talent. Sayanim and schemes do it all. Remember 9/11!

    Comment by David | January 14, 2010

  18. I don’t know if the Jews as a race are more talented or not. They could very well be, as I think the various races differ widely in their abstract intellectual ability.

    I do know that in a list of names of the American financial elite—an elite which happens to be screwing over the country royally with abstract and ultimately unproductive fiat money schemes—Jews are represented disproportionately. I find this disconcerting, to say the least.

    Comment by Dennis Spain | January 15, 2010

  19. I see that Jewish racism is alive and well here. I note the Gentile comments about self destruction and if it wasn’t for the Jewish social engineering of the “Goyim”, the gentiles wouldn’t be where they are right now. And certainly the Jewish Banksters and the Federal Reserve should be in jail with Madoff as well.

    And please don’t repeat that tired-worn out accusation of being anti-semitic when the Jews are generally Anti-Goyim/Gentile.

    Quite frankly, I’m very tired of the over-representation of the Jews by our government and media who serve only the interests of the Jew, NOT the rest of the United States. So now, we’re mired in perpetual wars, we’re over-run by illegal aliens (to acquire the NAU-North American Union and globlization for the One World Order) and by these banksters-and all roads lead to the Rothschilds, don’t they?

    Comment by Roxan | January 15, 2010

  20. Maybe, Rachel has been reading too much of the Talmud.

    And thanks to the person who made the suggestion of reading the PROTOCOLS OF ZION. I’ll go check it out.

    Comment by Roxan | January 15, 2010

    • Roxan–also google “Benjamin Freedman 1961 speech”. He was an insider Zionist that converted to Christianity. He exposed a lot of their plans in 1961

      Comment by robertsgt40 | January 15, 2010

  21. Hmm, 9/11. Did the Mossad have anything to do with that?

    Comment by Roxan | January 15, 2010

  22. Speaking of “sucking off the government,” the Banksters did that quite well, Rachel. Thanks a lot. I’m still waiting for them to serve some serious jail time. What makes the Banksters so different with screwing the U.S. public? Because we’re Gentiles/Goyim cattle and Madoff screwed fellow Jews? Is that why Madoff is in jail and the Banksters are not?

    Comment by Roxan | January 15, 2010

  23. “What should be done about this? Jews in powerful positions should be aware of this, and seek greater diversity in their hiring.”

    This will never work, because as Truman said, they are a selfish bunch. Moreover, the only real Jews today are they that reject the Talmud. It’s a book of spin, and filled with elitism, and hatered of none Jews.

    The idea above will never work, a Jew will always promote a Jew over a none Jew, and will always favore them.

    Comment by KJ | January 15, 2010

  24. “if it wasn’t for the Jewish social engineering of the “Goyim”, the gentiles wouldn’t be where they are right now”

    This sounds alot like “the jews are making me this way”, cant you see how pathetic a comment like this is. Or bringing up banksters and how well they did, you voted for them to get that money, you voted for it when you voted for your congressman, you voted for it again when your congress approved the bailout and you all did nothing, this is not the fault of the jews.

    Just finger pointing here, someone get a mirror.

    Comment by rachel | January 15, 2010

    • IDIOT, your kind control the media that tells young white men and women what they want to be when they grow up, how they should live, what car they should drive, what they should buy, what “love” is supposed to be like and mean, who they should be racist against and hate, what “rich” means, what they should want to be when they grow up, who they should look up to, what it means to be successful etc.

      every actress/actor they idolize growing up is a jew, who hides his/her jewish ancestry from the public.
      you tell us through our corrupted churches that jesus was a jew. your kind has co opted our government in a bloodless coup.

      you teach us to hate the semitic arabs and then hurl anti semite claims at those who speak out against the khazarian, fake, synogue of satan “jews”.

      i KNOW just who to level the finger at,
      and so did Martin Luther.

      the only one who has “chosen” your race is lucifer.

      wallow in your decedent opulance.

      stupid jewess, too ignorant and elitist to realize when you focus all your energy on obtaining wealth, you completely miss the point of being incarnate on earth. your being born elite is a crutch, a bane, a hurtle that you will never get over. see how you are trapped in your materiality.

      and you call yourselfs religious.

      proud to be a non jew

      Comment by benjamin | January 15, 2010

      • @benjamin

        There is quite a bit in your comment but I will focus on your media tirade.

        Did a jew come into your house and force you to plug in a television. Does a jew stand in your living room and make you use this piece of furniture as a babysitter for your kids? Is it a jew who stands in your house and makes you suck down twinkies while you put in hours upon hours of sucking up useless information off the idiot box while fattening your already plump and under exercised butt?

        You certainly like your drug but you have issues with the drug dealer.

        Comment by rachel | January 16, 2010

  25. A must read book for those that want to know how we got here….”Barbarians Inside The Gates, The B lack Book Of Bokshevism” by Col Don de Grand Pre. You will not be disappointed

    Comment by robertsgt40 | January 15, 2010

  26. That one group of people has too much cronyism, be it Jews, WASPS, Conservatives, Feminists, whoever — is not the point. In my years of corporate experience, in addition to first hand knowledge of institutions of higher education, I can attest that there is no mainstream sound philosophy, certainly no applied method, for true equal employment opportunity. If an organization can present a multi-racial management team photo-op, as far as the status quo is concerned: that’s eeo.

    Jobs should be awarded on the basis of merit, i.e., verifiable skills that contribute to productivity in the position applied for. Concerns about “comfort” of other staff, “fitting in”, etc., are the subjective and unethical hiring criteria through which cronyism and corruption flourish. Cronyism, therefore, as a phenomenon should be explored in depth — as part of required ethical formation for anyone in an institution with hiring authority.

    We have a long way to go.

    Comment by Robert Lynn | January 15, 2010

  27. Read this to get a flavor as to the problem

    Comment by robertsgt40 | January 15, 2010

  28. Who is their composer? Mendelssohn? Come on. No one said they aren’t cunning, but opportunism and subversion are not hallmarks of wisdom.

    Stop the Samson option. Disarm Israel. Give them Antarctica.

    Comment by Wrothchild | January 16, 2010

  29. Dear Mr. Weiss:

    Thank you for your refreshing honesty. I recently posted the following ( excerpts from the whole) regarding Jewish cronyism, extreme ethnocentrism, and monopolistic control of the Western media and financial institutions. I had to use veiled language because of the FACT that so great and successful is the mind-bondage over Gentiles that people literally go into brain-freeze at the very mention of Jewish malfeasance though we are swimming in oceans of evidence that attest to it, and merely saying the word “Jew” will automatically get you censored from virtually all monitored blogs. Organized Jewry, and in particular the Jewish terrorist sister-organizations, B’nai B’ rith and the deliberately misnamed, Souther Poverty Law Center, and the Jewish Anti-Defamation League are responsible for virtually every police state measure that have been implemented by our dual-agent, Jewish-infested governments. As far back as the 1940’s, Sen. Tenneyson, was writing books about the dangers of “Zionism,” and warning that B’nai B’rith was, in fact, a massive espionage spy center keeping dossiers on anyone it deemed “anti-Semitic.”

    If there is to be any hope for defeating this nearly realized totalitarian Jew World Order, more Jews have GOT to come on board the freedom train. There are literally dozens of honest, intellectual Jews who are sounding the alarm bells (and do so at great costs to themselves) as to what is transpiring by the Jew World Order elitists’ and the Western corrupt politicians they buy off through control of the world’s money supply, but too few are heeding their call.

    Brother Nathanael Kapner, a Jew who converted to Christianity, is one of the most courageous, important patriots in the U.S. today who has meticulously researched and written every riveting, important piece on his blog, realzionistnews. He has, without question, gone further than even the extraordinary Jewish patriot before him – the remarkable Benjamin Freedman.

    My recent comments on Jewish cohesiveness, ethnocentrism and subversive proclivities (from:

    “They know no loyalty to anyone but their own, and in fact proceed like the termites they so closely resemble to stripmine nations of everything that makes them desirable places to live. They ARE subversives and totalitarians at heart and fund every imaginable cause known to mankind to destroy the traditions which form the underpinnings of freedom. Here in the U.S., their Anti-Defamation League, who’ve crafted every single piece of freedom-of-speech destroying legislation finally triumphed in passing their federal, odious HATE CRIME laws which THEIR (let the facts stand; Wall Street vetted, chose and bankrolled this Manchurian Candidate) President was itching to sign – the ultimate objective being to criminalize bloggers and anyone else who dares to uncover their dirty, destructive deeds as they had already successfully done in the formerly free West. The U.S. was the last BASTION of hope who these tyrants had yet to fully implement their total police state just as they did in Russia with THEIR Bolshevik coupe (never say “revolution” as it’s blatant propaganda and a bald-faced lie; it was financed by the usual bankster culprits in a top-down coupe and slaughter of the Russian Czar and his family). If we want to see OUR Western Peoples’ future, look at what they did to the pillaged Russians who have never recovered from their mass murder and fiscal rape. THIS is what they have planned for us just as they have been committing a reign of terror against the pitiful Palestinians/Middle Easterners with our EVIL governments by proxy and OUR peoples’ lives as their fodder. These all serve as examples of what our fates are should we let these greedy, self-aggrandizing, historical psychopaths triumph in their ultimate objective of global enslavement for all but themselves. Our plutocrats’/elites’ who act in concert with them must be made to pay the price for their unspeakable treason for selling their nations out and allowing this parasitism to flourish and to so destroy their native lands quite possibly beyond the point of recovery. This diabolical banking cancer which has metastisized throughout the entire world must be excised and completely shorn of every asset and every asset returned to those from whom it was stolen and placed in the publics’ treasury. Our nations can perhaps begin to recover from their malevolence towards others which has so thoroughly bankrupted once-healthy countries with their usurious practises, criminal fractional reserves, funny money printing presses and fiat money backed by We the Peoples’ blood, sweat and toil which they flagrantly confiscate as their own. They are driven by a sense of entitlement, privilege and ethnic supremacy and a malice in their hearts for others surpassed by NONE.”

    Mr. Weiss, the Ashkenazi Khazars – bona fide Jews or NOT, are inviting one hell of a backlash down the road if more of you don’t distance yourself from their massive criminality, expose their destructive tendencies and help put a stop to the unfurling, Jewish-orchestrated tyranny being visited upon the West. Thank you for being yet another voice on the side of TRUTH – painful though it must be.

    Comment by Voir Dire | January 16, 2010

  30. Jews are fine, the zionists are the problem, be they Jew or Christian.

    Comment by Tom | January 18, 2010

  31. Then There’s No Actual Shortage Of Holocaust Survivors:

    Extract from The Holocaust Industry by Norman G. Finkelstein of the City University of New York, published by Verso in 2000:

    ‘The Israeli Prime Minister’s office recently put the number of “living Holocaust survivors” at nearly a million.’ (page 83)

    Comment by James | January 21, 2010

  32. How about NPR? My God. It seems all the correspondents are Jews, all the interviewees are Jews, all the subjects are Jewish … just one after another, day after day.

    Comment by walter | January 21, 2010

  33. Jews control the Federal Reserve and the Fed creates trillions of dollars of out of nothing and gives it to Jewish bankers, who spread it to Jewish investors, who hire Jewish CEOs, who hire Jews for top positions.

    I’m not necessarily saying that Jews aren’t smarter than goyim, but let’s take away your magic money machine and see how well you do.

    Comment by imp | January 21, 2010

  34. Perhaps some readers would also be interested in checking out the suppressed masterpiece, ‘Controversy of Zion’ (available to be read over the internet) by the formerly acclaimed pre-war Times of London European correspondent, Douglas Reed. This gives a very good analysis of all the issues surrounging our ‘chosen’ and manipulative brethren going back into ancient history. Interestingly, it was only after he began uncovering Zionism as the root of most of the wars afflicting humanity that his books began disappearing from libraries and bookstores. He wrote ‘Controversy…’ after WWII, knowing it would not be published for years. In fact, he finished the book in 1956 and it wasn’t published for over 20 years. Thank goodness for the internet. It’s well worth the read.

    Comment by Victoria Story | January 21, 2010

  35. Re Zionism at the root of most wars: I’ve been listening to the Iraqi War Inquiry going on in London right now, and Jack Straw’s testimony. Jack Straw was the British Foreign Secretary during the Second Iraq War. He very clearly stated in his testimony how Israel engineered the US into war, how they undermined Sec. of State Powell and the State Dept. He said, in so many words, that the British were pushing the Americans on one side, and Israel on the other, and Israel won. It’s worth getting Straw’s transcripts to read the entire testimony.

    Comment by kassandra | January 21, 2010

  36. Brooke’s article was ridiculous and embarassing , sadly yours is nasty and hate filled. If you bothered to learn more about Israeli society, you would learn that the schools are in big trouble (so much for the people of the book and Jewish intelligence). The mass of Israelis watch American Idol and their brains go to rot just like AMericans. The problem with the schools is class/politics (like the US..the rich go private), compounded with the problem of orthodox schools. Public schools are as bad (if not worse) than the US. The high tech stuff cannot be explained by Jewish brains and Brooks smugness is disgusting, especially given all of the other problems in Israel. Similarly, your crap about Jewish connections is both disgusting and is certainly not my experience. Maybe that reflects your Harvard days or Northeast insularity, but those days are over. Class and status matter much more. You make me worry about anti-semitism more than I ever did or wanted to. M.A.

    Comment by miri abramis | January 21, 2010

    • M.A.,

      I think that you are mistaken to believe that “Harvard days and Northeast insularity are over”. Perhaps it’s hard to gauge from Israel.

      Yes, class matters, but there is a critical mass within that class that has an over-riding interest in Israel and which does in fact discriminate by background. This should not be surprising to students of history or sociology.

      You can call Weiss’ honest exposure of Jewish supremacism “crap” if it pleases you but I doubt many will find your argument substantive. Try to find an actual basis for your contention that you can communicate because squealing “anti-semitism” is no longer adequate.

      Comment by aletho | January 21, 2010

      • squealing anti-semitism is patently ridiculous when you are hard pressed to find Israeli’s of semitic appearance exccept for the sephardic jews (and it appears they are kept around as low level labourers, organ banks, and the class that you conduct medical experiments on.

        Comment by UninformedLuddite | January 21, 2010

  37. @Victoria Story

    Victoria recommends what is most probably the most important book you will ever read. Just google ‘download controversy of zion’ and you will be able to even get a free audio version if that is your desire.
    This book is definitely the book you NEED to read as it answers many questions you may have and gives you an insight into the mindset of the ‘chosen’.

    Comment by UninformedLuddite | January 21, 2010

  38. I am simply stunned that 90 plus % of Americans are not yet aware that the zionist supremacists have virtually destroyed their country from within and without.The wars in Afghanistan are costing $450 million dollars a day and are being fought primarily for the strategic security of Israel which includes the isolation of Iran.Those in the know realize that these “wars” are already long lost.The rehabilitation of wounded soldiers will cost hundreds of millions.Every year,the US doles out some three billion dollars to Israel while thousands of US vets are homeless.What thwe hell is wrong with you people!If they took away your beer and football,the world would doubtless see some action.The zionist colony of USA is also a springboard for the zionist gangsters to wage war on the rest of humanity.Thats why the most powerful chosenites in the world are not in Israel but in Amerizraelistan.

    Comment by joeglas | January 22, 2010

  39. Every living plant and creature and every person was created by the same Being. Everyone alive was chosen in turn by our Creator for this life and the liberty of living on Earth. A less universal view of our self evident reality must be made out of delusion and self-deification and artificially maintained as separate by fear of other living creatures and persons. All false gods are man made and are said to be alive in spite of that fact. Living beings are the common self evident testament to the eternal and primal generosity of the Creator’s vast and unknowable creation. We are not ‘our own’ for very long in every and any case.

    Comment by J. B. | February 15, 2010

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