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    Comment by Neil | March 4, 2010

  2. Sweeping war crimes under the carpet, or refusing to hold war criminals to account, does not remove those crimes from the pages of history. Israel will have to pay for its crimes, as will the leaders who ordered them – or others who attempted to cover them up. Governments may try to outlaw such dissent, but individuals can and are boycotting Israeli products in greater numbers. Violence is both wrong and unproductive. The pocket book and the ballot box have always been more powerful than the bomb.

    It is the nature of karma that pay-back is certain at some time. Witness the bankruptcy of Britain and the U.S.. Witness the fires and drought that are consuming Australia. All three were instrumental in the destruction of Iraq and the dislocation and murder of its citizens. No one has attacked these countries; but while the pre-occupation of their governments with war, power and resource theft have benefited the elite few, it has turned them away from policies which provide peace and long term prosperity for their own citizens. All these governments have lost legitimacy in the eyes of their people. Yes, Karma truly is a bitch!


    Comment by Trisha | March 4, 2010

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