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Iran rejects US claim of arms aid to Afghan militants

Press TV – April 5, 2010

Iran has rejected accusations by the top US military commander that it is providing weapons to the militants in Afghanistan.

The US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen claimed in a Kabul news conference that Iran has shipped arms to Taliban militants in Kandahar.

In a statement released on Monday, the Iranian Embassy in Kabul rejected the charges as “recurring allegations” and a sort of “fabrication” by the US in order to justify its defeat in Afghanistan.

The statement added that Washington is attempting to “deceive the public opinion” by accusing other countries of sending weapons to militants in the war-torn country.

It urged the US to “find more logical ways to fight terrorism rather than accusing others” of providing arms to the militants.

“Iran always supports the nation and the government of Afghanistan,” the embassy statement added.

The United States has frequently accused Iran of supplying aid to the Taliban militants in Afghanistan. Such claims come in face of the fact that the Taliban, which follow the radical Wahhabi sect, have opposed Iran since long ago and have murdered eight Iranian diplomats when they took over most of Afghanistan in the 1990’s.

“Iran is working to increase its influence in the area. On the one hand, that’s not surprising; she is a neighbor state, a neighbor country. On the other hand, the influence I see is all too often negative,” Mullen told a news conference during a visit to Kabul on Wednesday.

“I was advised last night about a significant shipment of weapons from Iran into Kandahar, for example,” Reuters quoted Mullen as saying.

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  1. “May 14, 2008: U.S. commanders in Afghanistan are convinced that Iran is not supplying the Taliban weapons, or any other assistance. Some Iranian weapons have been found in Afghanistan, but these were smuggled in by gunrunners for sale to whoever could pay.”


    Comment by BiBiJon | April 6, 2010

  2. After seeing just another piece in the propaganda program, this time by Mullen, one needs to fully investigate the circumstances of his appointment as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.
    I am sure he has now complied to all the requirements to hold that position as a puppet and move inexorably towards a new war with Iran. Just another example of Obama having sold out to the Jews per medium of the US Foreign Policy controllers, AIPAC with 75% of Congress supporting them. They are laughing at all the people in the US.
    Apathy reigns supreme.
    Once again it will be the young military personnel who will bear the brunt of yet another US dalliance into middle east oil and gas. Iraq,(check out the contractor/owner of that oil); Afghaninstan,(pipeline for gas across to India); Iran (next on the list); Turkmenistan (already an agreed US supplier. Obama must think the world is naive as they go merrily about using Hollywood techniques to convince the world that the Taliban and al Qaeda want to run the world while at the same time alienating all the Arab states, forever.
    What ultimate price for a pipeline. The world would rather see the #1 pariah state and most hated nation, Israel, vanish off the map than be party to another war for US oil and Jewish power.

    Comment by rexw | April 6, 2010

  3. “US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen claimed…”
    Jct: Are we to doubt the word of the American military? When was the last time they ever lied to us? (Yesterday about covering up their war killings).

    Comment by KingofthePaupers | April 8, 2010

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