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Japan islanders reject US base

Press TV – April 14, 2010

Three mayors from a Japanese island, slated to host a US military base, are to write a letter to President Barack Obama expressing their refusal to the plan. The move is to protest against the Japanese government’s decision to relocate the Futenma US Marine Corps Air Station in Okinawa to the Tokunoshima Island.

“We, all the islanders, protest against the Futenma air base relocation to Tokunoshima,” a draft written by the three mayors says.

The mayors have also said they are preparing to stage another protest rally next Sunday, which they say will involve about 10,000 residents of the island’s 27,000-strong population. Thousands have already rallied against the relocation of US troops to the island last month.

The Futenma base is currently situated on the southern island of Okinawa. The presence of the US base which is in proximity of residential areas has caused various troubles for local Okinwans, who have expressed their dissatisfaction through repeated demonstrations.

Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama has struggled for months to find a solution that will satisfy the people of Okinawa Island and the security demands of the United States, its key ally. He has promised to resolve the row by the end of May, despite the fact that Okinawa’s residents have long resented the heavy US military presence.

Okinawans consider the American forces there as a source of crime, pollution and noise.

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  2. did the Japanese suddenly forget Hiroshima and Nagasaki? hey, maybe dem dere japanese be building NOOK YOO LUR WEPPENZ too???

    I smell a preemptive strike, maybe even Drone Wars II, wrath of Obombya, coming to a Japanese parliamentary building near you!

    how dare these ingrates defy their master in washington (tel aviv)??

    Comment by did they forget Hiroshima and Nagasaki so fast? | April 14, 2010

  3. Good for them ! Maybe they do not want the drunken, arrogant Americans trashing their island and raping their 12 year old daughters, as has been the norm for Okinawa. America is a blight on the world.

    Comment by Vic | April 15, 2010

  4. saiyonara pointless US base

    Comment by Ryan | April 16, 2010

  5. Wow–things are intense over there. DID they forget Hiroshima/Nagasaki???

    I don’t a USMC SGT just posted this over at

    Comment by Ben C | March 10, 2011

  6. *I don’t KNOW…(typo)

    Comment by Ben C | March 10, 2011

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