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  1. Nahida – the Zionists will reap a bitter harvest, but sadly that is no consolation to the dispossessed. Meanwhile,there is increasing awareness in the rest of the world about the lies and cruelty of the Israeli occupiers. Time is on your side and continuing to publicise the inhuman activities of the occupiers is essential. Allah be with you.


    Comment by jonathan | April 20, 2010

  2. Nahida,

    One couldn’t put your viewpoint any clearer than you have today.

    What your comments need is a wider audience of people who care. Addressing this to Israelis is now past the point where you could expect any respect for your efforts or any interest in the outcomes either. They are now cock-a-hoop with their new found arrogance having now completed both the absolute humiliation of the US and a controlling influence of their foreign policy. So sadly, you may have to wait until they self-destruct in an action of their own making.

    Waiting for the US to realise how they have been used for decades may be a long wait as the Israelis have their evil tentacles in to all avenues of government all with the approval of the weak and corrupt politicians. There are none so blind…..

    But I, for one, wish you well


    Comment by rexw | April 20, 2010

  3. Of course.


    Comment by pecanman | April 21, 2010

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  5. Well said.


    Comment by Maxwell Demon | May 25, 2014

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