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  1. They will be discriminate against because of their co;our just because Israel goes on about being a Jewish state its not it was bought and paid for by none Jews the Rothschild family brought it from Balfour of the UK who did not like jews and did not want them in his country, it should be called Rothschild State as this family still pays for the major construction in the place like the Kneest and of course they do not want other jews there as they are run by the American jews race comes first then belief not the other way around who have a lot to say about who is Jewish and who is not after all in USA they were treated as bad as the blacks now there is a lot of mind games played by the leaders of Israel how many of them were born their or their parents.

    Why are any black people there as being there says they believe in what is going on and as the natives of that country are killed at will just because they do not join in does not except them from what is done in the name of Jewishness. The Askanazis rule in Israel and their blood line is not Jewish. So the whole concept is a sham and a con.

    Comment by D freeman | May 1, 2010

  2. Stop Israel.

    Comment by John avenger | May 1, 2010

  3. I think that I have seen that the Askanizis also have the cohen gene so I do not accept the prejudice idea that they are not Jews. If you live any length of time in a nation such as the US where interracial marriage of many types is observable and you see the product – children of these marriages – then, it becomes easy to understand that there is no one Jewish look because over the centuries the Jews did intermarry with the people of the nations they settled – so this whole argument and prejudice is insanely ridiculous. I am just learning about this Rothschild thing but for Jew to be prejudice against Jew is just nuts and a shame to me. I know that in my family a relative founded a cemetary for friends and family – this cemetary was taken over by a synagogue. This synogogue wishes to decorate their cemetary with relics from my family but they will no longer allow any of us to have our designated plots because we are not orthodox. We are not good enough for the cemetary founded by our ancestor but our relics are good enough? Shame shame shame!

    I wished to be buried next to my beloved relative who founded the cemetary and that was his wish. Somehow when he died I never got my paper saying my right to my space there. (His wife did as she pleased and did not honor his will and nobody wished to argue with her.) So they will not let me in? I will still have my children go there and scatter my ashes – in the middle of the night if need be. Jewish people are offended that the Mormons try to pray their ancestors into heaven – so why cannot they honor the connection between relatives – it is stronger than their idea of purity of religion or that somehow my mixed bloods are not good enough? Perhaps I have lived a purer life than any of them. Perhaps inadvertantly I have lived a more religious life and more correct to their teachings without the religion and without the teachings – just by instinct and necessity.

    The only thing that I know for sure is that people of most nations do not want Jews amongst them so the Jews need their own place.

    Comment by sarum | May 1, 2010

    • There is no such thing as a Jewish “LOOK” simply because Judaism is a religion not an origin or an ethnicity
      It’s like calling all Christian white, black or Asians, or all Muslims Arabs or dark skinned people.

      It’s a total nonsense, however some people like the Rothchilds who by the way ARE NOT Jews, because they don’t go by the Jewish Laws and God’s law, they are primarily Atheists / Satanists call themselves Jews, they are descendants of the Babylonians and they worship Lucifer the rest is a stir, Israel to them is just a tool.

      Yes it’s a Rothchild’s creation and they own the damn country too.

      Comment by Adam | December 14, 2011

  4. very risky to see the attitude of Israel, a nation that arrogant. they might even think the war is not going to change everything, but it was closed by is selfish, and then the war will continue to occur

    Comment by dzu shofi | May 2, 2010

  5. “Mosses, I will take you and your people to the promises land”

    means from Africa and it says the Israelites are originally from Africa. That Times Egyptians were most of them looked like the present highlanders/Habesha Ethiopians. The Greeks along side with others didn’t arrived to Egypt that Time. The real Israelites/Jews gene is close to the people in Africa (mostly the Ethiopians-Habesha people look like) despite they look whiter.
    So, the Ethiopian Jews are the closest family to Mosses than any Jews with blond hair and blue eyes. The Ethiopian Jews are more close to the Jews people with Black hair and brown Eyes rather than those with blond/red hair and Eyes colour other than brown.

    After all; Mosses was married with an Ethiopian woman. King Solomon had an affair with queen of Saba(Ethiopia) called Maqeda and she gave him his only son called Menilk who became kind of Ethiopia.
    Atse (Kind) Haile Selassie (Ras Tafari)-The king of kings and the Negede Jehuda is the descendent of king Menilik (Son of King Solomon).

    There fore, don’t discriminate/undermined the Ethiopian Jews/Ethiopians. You must know, Ethiopia has very deep and long Millennia feeling towards the Jews people. If anything happens to the Jews people, the Ethiopian door is always widely and freely open to them.

    The reason why Egypt is not bad against Israel is because she knows the deep rooted and long relationship between Ethiopia and Israel and Israel will help/co-operate with Ethiopia to divert the Nile which is the Egyptian entire existence depends on and up to 95% its water comes from Ethiopia.

    So, don’t discriminate/undermine the Ethiopian Jews and Ethiopians in general. Instead embrace them to be part of you as you know they are very generous, honest and innocent people as many Ethiopians do. The vast majority Ethiopians (100% the Highlanders) never had and will not have any bad feeling against the Jews people. Instead they will die for them. Because despite they are Christians; Ethiopians tradition, custom and culture has more to do with the old Jewish believe, tradition and culture than anything else.

    Comment by Go jam | May 5, 2010

  6. I think Ethiopia is getting wealthy these days so they can go back and start their life where they r welcomed!

    Comment by henok | July 21, 2010

  7. F#*% you

    Comment by Heydrich | June 6, 2011

  8. guys this is all lies. why do you beleive all of this anti-israel bs?! dont beleive every single thing you read or hear…

    Comment by ngd | December 18, 2011

    • ngd,

      The basis for your claim being???

      Comment by aletho | December 19, 2011

  9. Dont give your blood to these people with their half practices Judah people of Ethiopia you are what they are not
    Its time come home to Zion come home these europeans are not from the Tribe of Judah

    Comment by Oshin | June 15, 2012

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    Comment by aboriginalpress | November 4, 2013

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