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Freed Aussie scribes say Israeli commandos were like “hyenas hunting”

ANI | 3rd June, 2010

Two journalists from the Sydney Morning Herald, who were detained by Israeli commandos after being caught in the melee when commandos raided Gaza-bound Turkish aid vessels have described the Israeli commando’s behaviour while they prowled around the vessels as that of “hyenas hunting”, after being freed.

Paul McGeough and Kate Geraghty were roughed up by the intimidating Israeli forces, Kate was even stuck by a stun-gun and suffered minor burns and bruises, however, she said her injuries were “minor” as compared to what the commandos did with the others on the ship.

McGeough claimed that one of the activists was held at gun-point and that the incident was “very ugly”, “testosterone-driven, and that the commandos had stood over activists in a “bullying” way, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

The journalists’ cameras and other equipment were also confiscated by Israeli authorities in what they called “an absolute disrespect by Israel” for democracy and the fundamental rights of journalists.

McGeough said that he would challenge his deportation from Israel in absentia.

The Herald’s editor, Peter Fray, said he was elated that he could speak to McGeough and Geraghty and relieved that they were out of prison.

He added that the Herald would pursue all legal, moral, ethical and journalistic avenues to ensure his staff “are able to do their jobs as bona fide and excellent journalists”.

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  1. The blind support and obedience of the US administration and Congress has encouraged Israel to pusue its fascist ways and the consequent progression toward becoming a pariah state in the eyes of most of the world and even a large minority of American polity. I hope American subservience to Israel does ot flag any time soon because Israel needs to fully evolve into to a full-fledged Nazi entity because the further it goes in that direction, harder the fall will be.
    It is becoming obvious to most of the civilized world that Israel has used up what sympathy it had earned in consequence of the holocause and is now dependent only on military force backed up by the only remaining superpower (itself well on the raod to economic and moral bankruptcy)


    Comment by Inayat I. Lalani | June 4, 2010

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