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San Fransisco Jews Menace Women in Black

By Cicilie Surasky | June 7, 2010

On June 6th, 2010, peace activists including members of Bay Area Women in Black and Jewish Voice for Peace held a silent vigil outside the main entrance to the San Francisco Jewish Community Federation’s annual “Israel in the Gardens” celebration. The peace activists called for an end to Israel’s occupation of Palestinian Territories and an end to the siege on Gaza. Their silent, dignified march was greeted by members of StandWithUs/SF Voice for Israel and other affiliates who called them “kapos” (concentration camp prisoners who carried out Nazi orders on other prisoners) and suggested that Israel should “sink the next flotilla with you on it.”  One man made repeated explicit threats against the peace activists and their families and used a camera to take pictures. No one from StandWithUs/SF Voice for Israel intervened. Rather, they kept up their vicious and abusive chants which included, according to multiple witnesses:

“Nazi, Nazi, Nazi!” – this done as a group chant
“You’re all being identified, every last one of you…we will find out where you live. We’re going to make your lives difficult..we will disrupt your families…”, all on above video.
“Sink the flotilla—and you on it!”
“Terrorists, terrorists, terrorists.”
One man yelled (to someone who may have looked heat exhausted) “I hope you stroke out, old man!”
“Ugly bitches” said to older women.
“You’re not a Jew! you gave up your Jewishness!”
“Witches in black! Bitches in black!” (hard to tell which one it was, or whether they alternated the chant)
“You fucking…!”
“Bin Laden loves you! you support terrorism!”
“Is there a coroner in the house? Women in Black are dead!”
“Is there a doctor in the house? Women in Black are sick!”
“End the occupation of our sidewalk.”
“Remember 9/11, they were dancing in the streets.”
“Sharmuta!” this was chanted for a while (means “slut” or “whore” in Arabic and which was particularly shocking for Arabic speakers to hear)
“Commit suicide!”
“Anti-women, anti-gay, why support Hamas today!”
They were also lesbian-baiting, even though they were chanting “Anti-women, anti-gay, why support Hamas today?” One guy yelled “lesbian” at me and my friend (correctly assessing our sexual identity) and maybe the same guy yelled at someone else, “When’s the last time you dated a man?”

One guy kept saying “you’re looking at real people now (meaning Stand with Israel folks); you are not people.”

Signs said: “JVP, Proud to be ashamed to be Jewish.”
and “Don’t fuck with the Jews”.

An 88-year-old woman reported being told, “You’re halfway in your grave already’.
“Jihad!” chanted repeatedly at Muslim peace activists.

They also had signs that read, “JVP cons the world”, etc.

One woman waved the end of the large stick of her Israeli flag in a very threatening manner, as if to hit one of us (it happened to me several times as i walked by her), directed especially to those of us who carried signs identifying ourselves as Jews.

At an earlier demonstration last week at the consulate, there was a huge sign on the Stand with Us side (which Stand with Us later condemned). On one side it said “Until Gaza is destroyed, the job is not complete.” On the other, it said “God is great. It’s Islam that sucks.”

Over the years, members of Bay Area Women in Black chapters (a group started in Israel to protest the occupation), many of them older women including physically tiny Jewish grandmothers, have reported equally terrible encounters with StandWithUs/SF Voices with Israel- they’ve been called 4-letter words, had cameras violently thrust in their faces. At least one person had her home chalked.

That’s why threats on people’s families that you can hear in the video are being taken seriously. A few weeks ago, liberal rabbi Michael Lerner, a resident of Berkeley across the bay from San Francisco, awoke to discover he was the target of a hate crime: his house had been surrounded with threatening posters permanently affixed with glue.

StandWithUs/SF Voices with Israel hosted a booth at Israel in the Gardens and is an approved charity at the San Francisco Federation’s Jewish Community Endowment Fund, unlike Jewish Voice for Peace and other peace groups which were banned from the Federation’s acceptable charity list.

Are StandWithUs/SF Voices with Israel values the values the Federation promotes?

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  1. These so called supporters of Israel are psychotic. God help us, they are representative of the mindset that belongs to the Likudniks in Israel….and they have the capacity to blow up the world several times.

    Of course, very little will be done by the US Government. The official and continuing reaction to the USS Liberty atrocity has taught Israel that they can do anything at all and not fear reprisals from the United States.


    Comment by brisa | June 8, 2010

  2. Have the supporters of Israel no shame. Threatening families, insulting peaceful demonstrators after the attack on the flotilla is an outrage. As a former supporter of Israel, these pro-Israel harassers do not do Israel any favors with these type of actions and statements. Learn some manners and take the high road.


    Comment by Michael Own McTague | June 8, 2010

  3. These lowlives have no heart nor a soul and should go back to hell from where they came from.
    I understand why Europe was happy to let them leave, because this lot makes trouble wherever they go.
    Hitler _ creator of IsraHell what have the Palestinians done to you to deserve such suffering?

    Helen Thomas with your famous statement you are top on, and people will love you for it even more than ever before.


    Comment by B.Benhamid | June 8, 2010

    • The Jews are not the chosen people from God. They are the chosen people from the evil force and total darkness. The chosen people from God are the Germans, Persians, Indians and Native Americans that are close to their old culture.


      Comment by chosen people | June 14, 2010

      • The chosen people are all the good people that are into love and enlightenment.


        Comment by chosen spirit | June 14, 2010

  4. Bring it on you pussy israhellis!! Oh I know, you wouldnt know what to do in a fair fight. I know what you would do though, you would get yer collective asses kicked boy!!!!!


    Comment by f8te | June 8, 2010

  5. Soon, calling someone an anti-Semite will be regarded as a compliment.


    Comment by j r | June 8, 2010

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  7. “Inflammatory”? Who is inflammatory? I find your observations entirely appropriate although your presentation is a tad too diplomatic to my taste!

    And why should anybody care to fuck these people? Why give them that honour when they can fuck themselves!

    We are indeed heading for a nuclear holocaust, but regrettably the “war” will be started by the same ungodly bastards who are trained in killing unarmed kids and who get into serious trouble when they are confronted by unarmed adults! What a disgrace!

    Do not blame God, because these bastards have neither known the Father nor the Son, but they are a synagogue of Satan!

    Look it up in your bible (John and Revelations). You find more relevant news there than in the Joo media written by their presstitutes! Helen, your resignation marked the death of American free speech and you went down fighting and with honour. How will anyone with an IQ over room temperature be able to celebrate 4 July this year? I do not know whether to laugh or to cry.

    But you can safely laugh to Satan’s face that the best he can muster is this gang of good for nothing, cowardly lying and weeping “soldiers” from IsraHell! Satan, lay down your arms, go behind us, because you know that you have lost when you cannot even find talented, evil people!

    Burn in all eternity with your chosen people!


    Comment by Beneditto Benar | June 8, 2010

  8. It is obvious that the Nazis have changed from Red & Black to Blue & White and have morphed the Swastika into the Star of David.


    Comment by Doug | June 8, 2010

  9. I worked with some Kosher minded Jews in Switzerland, and interestingly as we mist some money in our purses we caught one of some while digging in one of our purses.

    Jews aren’t chosen, they aren’t good and they aren’t even intelligent as we found out with many of them.

    USA or JewSA (Jew plus SA an term for the Nazi militia) is continuing the Nazi tradition and the Third Reich.


    Comment by Holocaust Gaza | June 8, 2010

    • That’s why they destroyed the Germans, using Anglo American military might to do so, as they knew that the Germans were smarter than they were – and a better people too, as there were no gassings of jews or anyone else.

      That they are an ingrate people was shown in the wish to sterilize all the males after the war, in order to make sure the Germans never rose again.

      This was the Morgenthau Plan, but which wasn’t acted upon.


      Comment by michael mazur | June 9, 2010

  10. This street circus and the death threats from these sick Zionists would have been broken up by the police or at the very least the persons who uttered the threats should have been.

    I’m Jewish, living in Vancouver Canada but grew up in Beverly Hills, and I am so disgusted and embarrassed by the majority of Jews these days that I wish I could somehow change my race.

    My dad was a lieutenant colonel in WW2 in the 8th air force and led 22 bombing raids on the Ruhr Valley. He did this to rid the world of fascist dictators who think they need to exterminate anyone that they think isn’t a member of their “superior race”. Well it isn’t hard to see that the tables have turned and so if I were able to speak with my father I would tell him that I wish that someone would finally put an end to the biggest threat to peace on this planet….Israel.


    Comment by Randall Bard | June 8, 2010

  11. The one thing I learned about Israel is that the illusion it spins about it’s racial superiority is a load of horse hockey. They steal technology and copy it and sell it. Their defense industry is incapable of making anything meaningfully lethal, and they have to buy their weapons from the U.S., vis-a-vis, Lockheed-Martin and Boeing, General Dynamics, et-al! Look at the helicopters used, UH-60A blackhawks, the naval corvette’s, sporting CIWS made by G.D., and probably right down to the smallest weapons used in the raid, all likely came from somewhere else. In other words, Israel couldn’t be a threat to anyone or anything without U.S. and British help. They get 3 billion a year to buy the death weapons they use on everyone, from their major benefactor, the U.S.

    So, I’m going to float one more idea and see how you like it. Israel in and of itself isn’t inventing any wheel here, tyranny wise. They learned this bloodthirsty crap from the U.S., who drone strikes the world with impunity and nobody objects. The U.S. invades other nations, and though a shitload of hand wringing goes on, it’s still okay for the U.S. to conduct illegal wars of aggression against states that dare have the U.S.’ oil under their sand. Israel watches this and says; “hey, if our big fat benefactor, the U.S. can get away with this, why the hell can’t we?? After all, we’ve been shielded from nuclear scrutiny by the U.S., and we’re implicitly protected by them no matter what we do. Why can’t we be nasty bastards??

    So, Israel is no worse than the world that condones their largest benefactor, the U.S. It’s ugly, it’s repressive, it’s a huge parasite, but it is A U.S. AND BRITISH PARASITE, to be more to the point. An artifice instrument built for Rothschilds hegemony. A spoiled brat protected by a larger, more nasty bully, the U.S.

    So, criticize Israel all you want, but if you want to be fair, you have to pin that tail properly on the donkey that protects it. We all know who that is, don’t we?

    Israel is nasty, bellicose and even belligerent, but it learned these traits from the one power in the world that not only betters it in TERROR, but constantly shows the rest of the world; “see, EVIL CAN TRIUMPH OVER GOOD, as long as nobody opposes it..”

    and indeed, EVIL has triumphed. It’s the U.S. that’s the nasty one. Israel, just the little, nasty little brother state which buys all it’s weapons of death from it’s wholly un-answerable to anyone, big brother, the United States.



    • “criticize Israel all you want, but if you want to be fair, you have to pin that tail properly on the donkey that protects it. We all know who that is, don’t we?”

      San Francisco Jews?

      BTW, oil has nothing to do with it. San Francisco Jews get all their oil from Alaska.


      Comment by aletho | June 9, 2010

  12. Israel, the state of darkness and evil wants to destroy Iran and wants to kill the lovely Persian children. And Alex Jones told us, that the evil circle of the Bilderberger agree with it. You have to stop these mass murderers now!
    Each good American has to run up a Persian flag now. Show that you are not a Zionist-Terrorist and run up the Persian flag immediately in your home, on your car, on your clouds. I want to see all the good Americans with a Persian flag now! Show that you have compassion for the pure-hearted that are getting persecuted, show that you are a good person, show that you support the persecutees and run up the Persian flag now! Make a video of it and show it on youtube. I want to see on youtube how many good Americans are still out there. Run up the Person flag now!


    Comment by German voice | June 14, 2010

  13. Israel is the worlds most dangerous terrorist. Invade Israel now!


    Comment by Invade Israel | June 14, 2010

  14. Good for the Women in Black, it takes courage to stand up to gangs of racist thugs.


    Comment by traducteur | January 13, 2014

  15. “Remember 9/11, they were dancing in the streets.”
    Reminds me of a jewish quote….”never let a lie get in the way of a good story”, or in this case a best seller 14 years on NY times top ten!

    Israeli mossad in ny on 911 were the only people to actually be verified to be celebrating the wtc collapses, while dressed up as Palestinians. They filmed the towers collapsing and were busted, along with their associates also dressed up as Palestinians driving around in moving vans full of explosives.

    The media falsely reported that #1 the democratic front for the liberation of palestine claimed responsibility for 911. #2 that Palestinians were celebrating the attack in Palestine. But the video of Palestinians, who were celebrating some free food, shown on US news, was shot BEFORE 911.


    Comment by Diaz's cashed bowl | November 9, 2014

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