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Birobidzan experiencing a small revival, thanks to Jews arriving from Israel

Christian Science Monitor: Russians returning

Jewish Autonomous Region

36,000 sq km


Key Industries
Construction materials, energy, machine engineering and metals, timber, pulp and paper, light, and food and beverages.

Transport infrastructure

The Jewish Autonomous Region has a well-developed transport infrastructure. The Amur River links the Region to the Pacific ocean. The Trans-Siberian railroad also crosses the Region.

Roads. The Jewish Autonomous Region has 1,640 kilometers of public highway. The Region’s main artery is the Khabarovsk – Birobidjan – Obluchie – Amur Region highway, with a ferry over the Amur river. The Region has international road links over the Amur River to the Chinese towns of Tongjiang, Mingshang and Jiayin.

Railroads. The Jewish Autonomous Region has 310 kilometers of railroad. The Trans-Siberian railroad links the Region to the rest of Russia.

Airports. The Region’s airport at Zhiolty Yar links Birobidjan with Khabarovsk and remote urban centers. The Region also plans to start international flights between Birobidjan and Jiamusi (China).

River transport. The total length of the Region’s waterways (Amur and Tunguska rivers) is 600 kilometers. Navigation is open on the Amur River for 180 days on average.


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  1. There was a very interesting documentary on Russia today few months ago.

    It is worthwhile for the people interested in the area.


    Comment by 5kurt | June 10, 2010

  2. That looks like a good location. Near the “Pale of the Settlement” where these people were isolated for centuries. Let them steal and fight amongst each other.


    Comment by RogueWave | June 10, 2010

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