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Obama renews call for civilian expeditionary force

By Aletho News | July 1, 2010

President Obama Thursday at a town hall meeting called for a civilian expeditionary force as large as the military, while the Department of Defense issued Defense Directive 1404.10 which  describes the workforce deployments as support for combat operations including restoration of order, drug interdiction and contingencies. This while having already raised US military spending by double digits to the highest level of any nation in history.

Having bet on being able to subdue the Afghan people by force and failed, Obama seems to be doubling down. The present military force which costs the nation nearly half of the federal budget is described as “overburdened.”

No indication was offered as to where the funds for the new force would come from as other areas of federal spending are being cut.

European counterparts in the UK and Germany meanwhile are reining in military spending as part of a balanced reduction of deficit spending.

Over recent years various Democratic party leaders have proposed a compulsory service for American youth including basic [military] training. Some proposals call for full military conscription.

Campaigning in 2008, Obama also called for a civilian “national security” force, we can expect to see action moving these plans forward so long as the American public continues to tolerate wars of choice and endless occupations.

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  1. Adolf Hitler established such a system with the brown shirts /Hitler Jugend and the older generation still remembers how the young was brainwashed and forced to snitch on their own family, friends and neighbors and report them to the authority if they refused to support the insane Fuehrer and his cronies.
    Fascism is creeping up on us unless we stop it fast.

    Comment by B. Benhamid | July 2, 2010

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