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NY Times full-page ad demonstrates who is pushing for war against Iran

Also, the organizers say they’re actuated by fears of climate change, but why the Netanyahu quote and the emphasis on missiles?

And the NYTimes is still on message, Global Warming, Peak Oil and the War on Terror all seem to merge to support Zionism:

Letters to the International Herald Tribune – How to Fight Climate Change –
The only way to effectively address climate change is for our leaders to make it an issue of national security: Emphasize the link between consumption of fossil fuels, especially foreign oil, and the rise of international terrorism. Once that link is clearly established, people will be willing to make an effort: The home-front will contribute to fighting against terrorism, which threatens every one of us. People will understand that there is no way to put a value on the lives of any of the nearly 3,000 people who perished in the Sept. 11 attacks, and that any effort is worth making to prevent recurrence of such a tragedy.


The Israel Lobby’s War on America’s Middle East Oil Dependence

By Maidhc Ó Cathail | The Passionate Attachment | October 26, 2012

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US Jewish leaders push Obama to act on Iran

Jerusalem Post, September 10, 2009

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  1. Ludicrous, the two premier terrorist states on the planet pointing anywhere but their own wallet pockets.

    I have this intuition that this new world order contraption is going to find itself in an Icarus mode qucker than they can imagine.


    Comment by hybridrogue1 | August 9, 2010

  2. No doubt Israel did 911 when they make this kind of a linkage.

    Comment by poorrichard | August 10, 2010

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  4. I’ve seen the same thing with the papaer that announced the “Jews Declare War on Germany”.

    I’ll fight to my dying breath against zionism and what is happening in America

    Comment by James B | August 10, 2010

  5. I wonder how these Jewish groups explain the five celebrating Israelis caught filming the attack on the twin towers; later explaining to Israeli television, “we were there to film the event”. Can’t wait to hear that one!

    Comment by Iain Yuile | August 11, 2010

  6. Yes, it definitely bears a jewish stamp.

    And so to the U.S. military entry into Yemen. THe push for U.s. entry into Lebanon, the return to Somalia, the expansion of war in Pakistan.

    And even the U.S. military going into Costa Rica (with where IDF soldiers going in also), not to memtion, Colombia. FYI, the U.S. Navy has just returned to Panama, C. Amer.

    Comment by Bonnie | August 11, 2010

  7. Stamp?

    Stamp, envelope, pen, paper and ink…and soon to be blood.

    But as always, not jewish blood.

    Comment by Tom in DC | December 21, 2011

    • “Stamp” That means it’s kosher

      Comment by robertsgt40 | December 21, 2011

  8. Time for an ad showing evidence on how these folks pushed for our involvement in WWII, Iraq war, etc. These people are simply warmongers, greedy, nefarious, and selfish. I don’t want to be associated with them. Disgusting.

    Comment by Big Fish | December 21, 2011

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  10. The New York Times is often called “The Jew York TImes” for good reason. The stock NYT price has been steadily declining from $50 to $8, I fully expect it to go to zero, because that is worth of a company that prints propaganda and outright lies like the claims about Iran and nukes. It is Israel that has the nukes, it is Israel that threatens the world with its illegal nuclear weapons, it is Netanyahu threatening us with his cartoonish Wile E. Coyote ACME bomb plot.

    The NY Times is trash, they also printed up all the state propaganda about Iraq’s WMDs. This is a war crime, they are complicit in the war crimes of Bush and Cheney, not to mention they have steadily parrotted the official 911 hoax.

    They have no credibility. Jews are liars by training, their religion teaches them its ok to lie to non Jews. Sell your NYT stock, never buy any product of these damn liars.

    I wouldn’t want to pollute my bird cage with that rag.

    Comment by Rational Person | October 27, 2012

  11. lot of J’s in that ad

    Comment by gregorylent | October 29, 2012

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