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Israel Threatens Holocaust in Damascus

Israel Releases 1973 War Minutes To Send Syria, Hezbollah, “Strong Warning”

Al-Manar – 07/10/2010

The Israeli intelligence Website Debkafile quoted “military and intelligence sources” as saying that PM Benjamin Netanyahu and his Defense Minister Ehud Barak have decided to release the minutes of the deliberations on an air blitz against Damascus – held in Jerusalem before and during the 1973 war – “as a strong warning” to Syrian President Bashar Assad.

“Then, a decision to take out Damascus to halt the Syrian offensive was overruled. This time could be different: Bashar Assad regime’s own centers of power could be at risk if Syria and Hizballah go through with their plan to overpower Beirut and topple Saad Hariri’s sovereign government,” the sources told Debkafile.

The Website said that in the hours leading up to Oct. 6, 1973, Lt. Gen. David Elazar told PM Golda Meir that the Israeli forces can wipe out the entire Syrian air force by noon that day, and that they need another 30 hours to destroy Syrian missiles.

“Then, if they go on the offensive at 5 pm, our air force will be free to strike the Syrian army. To me, this operational option is attractive.” Three days later, on Oct. 9, catastrophe stared Israel in the face: The IDF was in a bad way and taking casualties in the realm of hundreds dead and thousands injured; their defense lines in Sinai and the Golan had fallen and there was nothing in the way of the Syrian army going all the way to the Sea of Galilee and Tiberias.

In a closed meeting with Golda Meir, the iconic defense minister Moshe Dayan asked for permission to bomb Damascus. “Inside the city?” she asked. “Inside the city and its environs,” he replied. “We have to break the Syrians,” Dayan explained that he proposed to strike the Syrian General Command and infrastructure in Damascus. “We’ve done enough going around the fields (a reference to targets outside the Syrian capital). There are no more key targets left. Damascus is the only one. We can’t promise the population won’t be hurt,” Debkafile reported.

It added that “Golda’s permission was withheld.”

The Israeli military and intelligence sources told Debkafile that the decision to release the documents and the section relating to Syria was taken in Jerusalem “after the Obama administration failed to prevent the two-day state visit to Lebanon by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad taking place on Oct. 13.”

According to the Israeli site, the message “goes beyond uncovering secret operational and intelligence decision-making and is unusually wide-ranging.”

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  1. Please , stop refering to Israel as Israel . It is 110 % controlled by the Rothschilds .
    So the Rothschilds want more control over the Middle East , no news . That’s all about .
    See the reality and the Solution at , future shocking .

    Comment by Urod | October 7, 2010

  2. Next time will be different, Since every State around the IsraeLIES, Is Idle waiting for the right time to strike

    Comment by Peter | October 7, 2010

  3. This Mad Dog Nation / Israhell has been created by the Military Industrial Complex to bring nothing but chaos and despair to the Middle East unless of course they obey and follow orders according to plan.
    The Palestinians from the family of Jesus will destroy this apartheid regime little by little and eventually drive them insane.

    Comment by B.Benhamid | October 8, 2010

    • “Obey and follow orders” in this case means shrivel up and blow away.

      As to the Military Industrial Complex creating Israel, I suppose that you could call the Tsarist regime (under which Zionist ideology first flourished) and then the British empire that.

      Comment by aletho | October 8, 2010

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  5. 100% of so-called “Jews” are in fact NOT actually descended from any tribe of the Children of Israel

    being Identity Thieves, TERRORISTS, Mass Murderers, Criminally Insane and “JEWISH”….

    convicts them of ACTING IN BAD FAITH.

    Talmudic Judaism makes “KHAZARS”….”JEWS”.

    time for Khazars to make EXODUS….

    Comment by Anthony Clifton | September 10, 2013

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