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Who paid for a right-wing campaign to stoke Islamophobia Video?

By Justin Elliott | Salon | November 16, 2010

In the heat of the 2008 presidential election, an obscure nonprofit group called the Clarion Fund made national news by distributing millions of DVDs about radical Islam in newspaper inserts in swing states.

The DVDs, 28 million in all, were a boost to Republican candidates who were trying to paint Democrats as weak on terrorism — and they arguably helped fuel the anti-Muslim sentiment that boiled over in the “ground zero mosque” fight last summer. The film, “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War With the West,” was widely criticized for its cartoonish portrayal of Muslims as modern-day Nazis.

But who put up the money to send out all those millions of DVDs?

Clarion, which has strong links to the right-wing Israeli group Aish HaTorah and is listed in government records as a foreign nonprofit, would never say. … Justin Elliot has the answer at Salon

Here is the trailer for Clarion’s new film, “Iranium.” It will be interesting to see if any donor steps forward to pay for wider distribution.

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  1. crazy. i mean crazy. what a shit load of propoganda. forgetting the countless times the IAEA stated that there is no proof of a nuclear program. curse you jewish extremists.


    Comment by lionide | November 21, 2010

  2. It’s not Jewish Extremists that’s the problem. Normal Jewish folk have nothing to do with this massive lie. It’s those handful of Zionists (completely different thing) that’s behind this lie.


    Comment by Jim Tour | November 24, 2010

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