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Gaza Photo Exhibition Attacked by the Jewish Defense League in Paris

fotokw | November 13, 2010

Kai Wiedenhoefer

Gaza 2010 – “The Book of Destruction”

Exhibition in the Musée d´Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris from 4, November to 5, December featuring 82 color photographs of the aftermath of war in Gaza at the turn of 2009. The exhibit consist of two parts, destroyed buildings and war victims. The photographs were taken between November 2009 and May 2010.

The accompanying book “The Book of Destruction” is published by Steidl ISBN 978-3-86930-207-2.

The production of photographs, exhibition and was made possible by the Carmignac Gestion Foundation in the framework of the Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award 2009.


IMEMC | November 25, 2010

Members of “The Jewish Defense League” attacked earlier this week a photo exhibition of the German photojournalist Kai Wiedenhöfer “depicting the massacres in the Gaza strip during the Israeli Operation Cast Lead” offensive. The exhibit is being held at the the Modern Art Museum of Paris.

The employees of the museum explained that a group of people equipped with masks and motorbike helmets tried to reach the gallery to sabotage the exhibition, when museum security blocked their access.

However, the extremists also attempted to vandalize many works displayed alongside the Museum, including paintings by Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Amedeo Modigliani and Marc Chagall, witnesses reported.

After the attempted attack, the group disrupted the visitors’ entrance, chanting slogans against museum, and affixed stickers that read: “Anti-Zionism=Anti-Semitism policy”, “Down anti-Semitism from which it comes” and “Palestinianism asset is the anti-Jewish activism.”

Since the photo exposition was opened at the beginning of November, many French Jews groups, such as CRIF (Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions) have been asking for its closure, putting pressure on Museum officials, and the city Council, an issue that pushed exhibition organizers to consider closing it before the official closing date in December 5.

Several French human rights associations have been mobilized asking the authorities not to cave under pressure, and demanded extra security measures to avoid another attack.

Wiedenhöfer, who has been retracting the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since 1989, has brought 85 realistic and raw photographs to the exhibition, focusing on two major themes;destruction inflicting on Gaza and Palestinians wounded during the Israeli offensive on Gaza in the winter of 2008–2009 that was dubbed by Israel as “Operation Cast Lead”.

November 29, 2010 - Posted by | Full Spectrum Dominance


  1. Words defy the evil that has been wrought on these innocents. The GREAT GOD of all is watching. He is about ready to raise that Righeous Hand that NO ONE can stop. He alone will destroy the do nothing but evil little manmade gods of this pathetic earth. HE IS GOD OF ALL THE MULTIVERSES!
    HE is the VINDICATER!


    Comment by JOYCE | November 29, 2010

  2. Kai said “I am not anti-semitic, I am only show the truth”. Are you also taking picutres of Odelia Nechama bat Michal, Natan Daniel ben Shulami, Leah Bracha bat Shoshana, David Amoyal, Sasson ben Shulamit, Ad Shapira, Shilo ben Ofra, Daniel ben Nurit, Elchanan ben Alona. Netanel ben Shlomit? All injured in recent Jerusalem bomb and between ages 13 and 18.


    Comment by Brian | March 26, 2011

    • Brian,

      Do you know the full “truth” behind the injuries of the victims you name?

      What we do know for certain is that the state of Israel is wholly responsible for the crimes of Cast Lead and that over any time span Palestinian victims outnumber Jewish victims at a rate of over ten to one.


      Comment by aletho | March 26, 2011

      • “Palestinian victims outnumber Jewish victims at a rate of over ten to one”.

        Except in the case of children : where the ratio is HUNDREDS of Palestinian children for each Jewish Israeli child.


        Comment by redracam | January 16, 2012

      • Where’s your proof that these names were victims of “false flag operations”?!… Your method of brushing aside all Israeli victims is repulsive!…

        As for ratios of Palestinians vs Israelis killed, they mean NOTHING without context!… Far more Japanese then Americans were killed during WWII… It doesn’t mean that the Americans were wrong…


        Comment by ScubaMan | December 13, 2012

        • “… Far more Japanese then Americans were killed during WWII… It doesn’t mean that the Americans were wrong…”


          Is that a point or an appeal to jingoist urges?


          Comment by aletho | December 13, 2012

  3. Where’s the proof that the JDL was involved?!…


    Comment by ScubaMan | December 13, 2012

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