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Anti-Muslim Hate Group Leader to Teach Islam at Oregon College

CAIR | December 3, 2010

SEATTLE, WA — The Washington state chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-WA) today called on an Oregon community college to replace a leader of an anti-Muslim hate group who is scheduled to begin teaching a course on Islam in January.

CAIR-WA reported that Barry Sommer, president of an Oregon chapter of the hate group ACT! for America, will teach a course called “What is Islam” at Lane Community College in Eugene, Ore. (1) Sommer also produces a weekly local cable access program “Islam Today” on Comcast’s CTV29. The contact e-mail for the program is “” His personal blog features one of the infamous Danish cartoons mocking Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.

Sommer has a history of making false and misleading statements about Islam.

The preface to Sommer’s online book, “From the Mouths of Our Enemies,” states: “Our enemies want us destroyed not because of our riches, or our liberties, although they say that is so. No, they want us gone because Allah told them so. Foundational Islam demands that ALL citizens of planet earth convert to Islam, pay a tax (jizya) or die. It is now demanded of us that we make a stand, draw the line and decide who wins this clash once and for all. If it means war, so be it.”

In a July 16, 2010 letter to Eugene’s Register-Guard newspaper, Sommer wrote: “Until Islam changes its 1,400 years of subjugation and conquest by the sword, the atrocities will continue to escalate.”

In a letter to Lane Community College President Mary Spilde, CAIR-WA Executive Director Arsalan Bukhari wrote: “Unless the goal of this course is to promote anti-Muslim bigotry, Lane Community College should replace Mr. Sommer with someone who will offer students a balanced and objective analysis of the subject matter.”

Bukhari said ACT! for America national leader Brigitte Gabriel claims an American Muslim “cannot be a loyal citizen” and that Islam is the “real enemy.” She once told the Australian Jewish News: “Every practicing Muslim is a radical Muslim.” She also claimed that “Islamo-fascism is a politically-correct word … it’s the vehicle for Islam … Islam is the problem.”

When asked whether Americans should “resist Muslims who want to seek political office in this nation,” Gabriel said: “Absolutely. If a Muslim who has — who is — a practicing Muslim who believes the word of the Koran to be the word of Allah, who abides by Islam, who goes to mosque and prays every Friday, who prays five times a day — this practicing Muslim, who believes in the teachings of the Koran, cannot be a loyal citizen to the United States of America.”

Gabriel stated: “America and the West are doomed to failure in this war unless they stand up and identify the real enemy: Islam.” (2)

(1) SEE: LCC Offers “What is Islam” Class
CTV29: Islam Today Oregon
Lane Community College: What is Islam (Scroll down to “What is Islam.”)

(2) SEE: Islam’s March Against the West
Along with her stated desire to have Muslims barred from public office, Gabriel has also claimed that Arabs “have no soul” and that Muslims worship “something they call ‘Allah,’ which is very different from the God we believe [in].”
SEE: A Case Study in Sincere Hypocrisy: Brigitte Gabriel
Video: Brigitte Gabriel Says Arabs Have No Souls

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  1. These radical anti-Islamic fanatics are obviously the clearer danger, as they are inside the gates spewing their hateful nonsence.

    Amerika has gone stark raving mad.



    Comment by hybridrogue1 | December 3, 2010

  2. I think, it’s all very accurate, with some minor corrections:

    Every practicing Zionist is a radical Zionist. Zio-fascism is a politically-correct word … it’s the vehicle for Zionism … Zionism is the problem.

    If a Jew who has — who is — a practicing Jew who believes the word of the Judaism to be the word of God, who abides by Torah, who goes to synagogue and does not work on Saturday — this practicing Jew, who believes in the teachings of the Torah, cannot be a loyal citizen to the United States of America.


    Comment by stk33 | December 4, 2010

  3. …America and the West are doomed to failure in this war unless they stand up and identify the real enemy: Zionism.


    Comment by stk33 | December 4, 2010

  4. Yes, go on and kill your fabled enemies overseas while your real enemies plunder you at home!


    Comment by Ridiculousness | December 4, 2010

  5. I wonder if Sommer actually believes in the garbage he sells, or is he just trying to get others to believe in his garbage so as to convince the many un-witting Ameericans to continue killing ISRAELS enemies? The Koran actually has words of adoration for Jesus and his Mother – the same can’t be said of the Judaic holy book, the Babylonian Talmud, which actually denigrates Jesus, Mother Mary and Gentiles in general. So the jews holy book actually promotes treason amongst many jews as their loyalty is to themselves. History exposes this. Think Perle, Wolwotiz, Chertoff, Lieberman etc. Where is their loyalty? Israel. This author is living in an Orwelian bubble – up is down, black is white, wrong is right. Peter


    Comment by Peter Radon | December 4, 2010

  6. What a joke. Who but Xtians bang on our doors trying to convert us to their religion? I lived in the mideast and never once found Muslims trying to convert me, though Xtians have numerous times. And again, it is not a Muslim nation that spends more than the rest of the world combined on weapons and war, and has military based throughout the globe. And it’s not Muslims claiming to be a “chosen” people, ethnically cleansing Palestine of the descendants of Jesus.


    Comment by Imhotep | December 4, 2010

  7. Boo hoo hoo. The Muslims are so upset at their pals, the Christian capitalists selling them down the river. Good! You people deserve no less for supporting the capitalist scum in destroying the USSR.


    Comment by Commie | December 4, 2010

    • So… anyone that doesn’t share your ideology deserves to be the victim of hate and persecution? And this should apply to all those who failed to support the USSR?

      My, what an angry commie.

      Spewing such hate will certainly not win any interest in your ideology.


      Comment by aletho | December 4, 2010

  8. Where did you learn your history from Commie? A coloring book?



    Comment by hybridrogue1 | December 4, 2010

  9. Is this true ?..In Oregon ?..Where college Professors drag down well into the 6 figures and actually teach 2-3 hours per week…
    And who runs these institutions..Check it out..You’d be surprised..


    Comment by Fredy Ryan | December 4, 2010

  10. Zionism it the true enemy of the US and they control it all. When a tiny ethnic group controls all the important parts of a country, you know who to blame for the problems.

    Jews are 1.5% of the US population yet account for over 90% of the top government positions. Anyone see a problem here?


    Comment by American | December 5, 2010

  11. It’s time to call a spade a spade and admit that Zionists are running our country.
    The only reason it sounds so crazy to the average American is because they’ve been fed a diet of Zionist-owned mainstream media, which states that the idea of “Jews trying to run everything” is simply crazy…


    Comment by Joe | December 5, 2010

  12. “Helen Thomas has clearly, unequivocally revealed herself as a vulgar anti-Semite. Her suggestion that Zionists control government, finance and Hollywood is nothing less than classic, garden-variety anti-Semitism. This is a sad final chapter to an otherwise illustrious career. Unlike her previous, spontaneous remarks into a camera, these words were carefully thought out and conscious. It shows a prejudice that is deep-seated and obsessive.”
    ~Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NOW I ask you,
    How can this canard fly??? How How??
    If the Jews don’t control Hollywood, there is no Hollywood.
    If the Jews don’t control the press, there is no press.
    If the Jews don’t control foreign policy, there is no foreign policy.

    Wake up Homo Vishnu Amerikanus.


    Comment by hybridrogue1 | December 5, 2010

  13. In my 56 years not once have I felt threatened by a Muslim. Well, 1/2 of one time. But I have been threatened by US Militia and Jews many dozens of times. I am a Christian and I love Muslims. They respect Jesus Christ.


    Comment by profnasty | December 8, 2010

  14. the U.S. is so very sick and degenerate now. a lot of people wrongly think that the Abe Foxman and ADL/SPLC driven hate machine is not working, but these asshole zioturds are in control of the LAW ENFORCEMENT community in the U.S., and Dept. of HOMO LAND SUCKURITY, via Janet ‘lesbian’ Napoletano, not that being a lesbian means you are a zionist asshole, but clearly when you have her and Chertoff’s gang, and Rita Katz’s S.I.T.E. assholes running the D.H.S. and the Dept of JUST US now, this is what you fucking get.

    you get a nation already jingoistic and xenophobic and quite like Nazi Germany in 1933, in this Faux Noize frenzy of hate.

    Ruptured Merdecock must be laughing all the way to the fucking bank, as is Michael ‘of the devil’ zioturd Chertoff. And whores like Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelousy will enrich themselves at the zioturd hatred trough every moment of every day and not be brought up on charges of HIGH TREASON and then summarily executed as they would certainly be if this was a time of bona-fide, real war…not this fake happy horse shit called GWOT (Globall war on THINKING).


    Comment by THE U.S.S.A. IS EXACTLY LIKE NAZI GERMANY WAS IN 1933-1939 | July 29, 2011

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