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Israel appears only in 77 Wikileaks docs

Press TV – December 8, 2010

A study of the U.S. State Department cables so far released by the WikiLeaks showed that there are merely 77 documents which mention Israel and only a handful have material pertaining to Tel Aviv.

On its website WikiLeaks says it has so far released “almost 20,000” of the “251,287 leaked United States embassy cables.”

The release, however, raised questions as it does not contain any incriminating or embarrassing document against Israel.

“No classified Israeli material was exposed by WikiLeaks,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in November, suggesting that Tel Aviv viewed the release as a positive.

An Israeli-born investigative journalist has found evidence that WikiLeaks “struck a deal with Israel,” based on which the website’s founder Julian Assange would withhold cables incriminating Israel in exchange for money.

Lia Abramovitch — an Israeli investigative Journalist born to holocaust-survivor parents — who writes for Syriatruth website, cites former WikiLeaks spokesperson Daniel Domscheit-Berg as her source.

Domscheit-Berg says Assange had received money from semi-official Israeli sources and promised them, in a “secret, video-recorded agreement.”

That explains why there’s only one document that touches the issue of Israel’s nuclear weapons, albeit indirectly.

Cable 08PARIS245, which is a review of a meeting between acting U.S. Undersecretary of State John Rood and his British and French counterparts Mariot Leslie, Philippe Carre, reiterates the U.S., Britain and France’s support for Israel’s nuclear ambiguity approach.

“Furthermore, it is not in their interest to remove the ambiguity of Israel’s nuclear status which was stabilizing to the region. Carre agreed and said that there was no benefit to weakening the Israeli pledge not to be the first to use nuclear weapons in the Middle East,” reads the cable.


Former WikiLeaks spokesperson Daniel Domscheit-Berg said he and other WikiLeaks dissidents are planning to launch their own whistleblowers’ platform to fulfill WikiLeaks’ original aim of “limitless file sharing.” Die Tageszeitung

Mr. Domscheit-Berg, who is about to publish a book about his days ‘Inside WikiLeaks’, accuses Assange of acting as a “king” against the will of others in the organization by “making deals” with media organizations that are meant to create an explosive effect, which others in WikiLeaks either know little or nothing about. Der Spiegel

“For us it is always about uncovering corruption and abuse of power, wherever it happens — on the smaller and larger scale — around the world. Recently, however, we have only focused on the major topics and applied practically all of our resources to them.” Der Spiegel

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been denied bail by a judge after surrendering to British authorities over a Swedish arrest warrant Thursday. Assange vowed in court to fight extradition to Sweden, where authorities are hoping to question him over a sexual molestation case. CBS

Assange was arrested at 9:30 a.m local time Tuesday and appeared before Westminster Magistrate’s Court. He surrendered Tuesday under an agreement reached between his own lawyers and the police. CBS


WikiLeaks was founded by Julian Assange in 2006 with the motto of “keep governments open.” It describes its objectives as bringing “important news and information to the public.”

The site claims it has released more than 1.2 million documents so far and is preparing to release more than two million other documents.

WikiLeaks most important release is arguably a video showing US troops aboard a helicopter opening fire on unarmed Iraqi civilians – including Reuters cameramen.

In May 2010, WikiLeaks said they had video footage of a massacre of civilians in Afghanistan by the U.S. military which they were preparing to release.

In a 2009 Computer World interview, Assange claimed to be in possession of “5GB from Bank of America” documents to be released in 2011.

In December 2010, Assange’s lawyer, Mark Stephens, told The Andrew Marr Show on the BBC, that WikiLeaks had information that it considers to be a “thermo-nuclear device” which it would release if the organization needs to defend itself.

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  1. I have a great deal of respect for Ahmadinejad as a leader in a theocratic government but he needs to be patient here and see what all the releases say.

    Iran’s president says it is not his county’s policy to stone women who have been proven guilty of adultery. Not true! In a country where women are disrespected by religious authority he may be under pressure by the controlling mullahs to express certain ideas which are not his own.

    So, let’s read all the releases before we form our opinions and label Assange a Zionist agent. That way we will avoid destructive propaganda which I am sure Israel (Mossad) has instigated.


    Comment by Katifa | December 9, 2010

    • Katifa, the lady was convicted of murder as well as adultery with her accomplice. The state of Virginia recently executed a mentally impaired woman for the exact same crimes.

      And this is why we should “read all the releases”?

      Please don’t insult our intelligence.


      Comment by aletho | December 9, 2010

      • Aletho, why are you so disrespectful with Katifa? Is this the way you encourage free debate?!?
        I cannot understand why you take the moral standard of the the State of Virginia to justify the show trial of Ashtiani in Iran and the added charges she was indicted under international pressure (to justify previous miscarriage of justice). I don’t trust in the least justice in the US, but that doesn’t mean I have to trust justice in Iran!!!
        Capital punishment is cruel and may be irreversibly unjust, whether in the US or in Iran or elsewhere.


        Comment by Enrique Ferro | December 9, 2010

        • “Enrique”,

          Your assertion that Ashtiani had a “show trial” is presented without basis. Do you actually expect us to believe that they made up the murder after the prosecution due to international pressure?

          If you want to harp on capital punishment, harp about it in your own country. Your choice to selectively notice Iranian capital punishment amounts to warmongering.


          Comment by aletho | December 9, 2010

          • Your frame of mind is amazing, actually! First in my country there is no capital punishment, second I campaign against it in the whole world, and accusing me of warmonger for that is specious. I am staunchly against the interfering of states in Iranian matters, either sanctions of war threats, or denial of the right to nuclear energy, but the international civil society is free to criticize all sort of violations, whether in the US or in Iran.
            You know, I lost my voice protesting against war on Iraq and I didn’t like Saddam. Likewise with Iran. I think Iranians suffer already more than enough under that theocratic regime, and they don’t deserve to be bombed. It is up to them to solve their internal political matters. But the injustice and cruelty of the ruling class down there in the humanitarian area should not be left without moral response from the world.
            In the late 60s the same happened as far as the Greek dictatorship is concerned. It was useful, and I remember the Greeks were happy with foreign civil solidarity , even if the US would support the military. Denunciation of violation of human rights and dictatorship is no warmongering.
            Ah, and whether you like it or not, Iran is notorious for its mock trials, even on TV!!!


            Comment by Enrique Ferro | December 9, 2010

            • So Enrique thinks that criticizing the US backed Greek junta’s human rights in the 60’s is comparable to criticizing Iranian human rights at present while the US is busy trying to foment war on Iran.

              “Enrique”, whichever nation you may claim to be from must not exist on planet earth.


              Comment by aletho | December 9, 2010

              • Your frame of mind reminds me George W. Bush: With Me or against Me!
                Self-righteous, bigot.
                I am Spanish, and I was extremely happy when there were demonstrations in Europe against Franco’s dictatorship.
                Now your worldview is extremely biased, you relate every single opinion to the US politics, not to principles. And you cannot understand that one can stand for the Iranian people, against war and sanctions, and support the right of Iran to nuclear energy, and at the same time loath the Iranian regime’s violations of human rights, capital punishment, and incarceration of bloggers, and so on.
                I lived both Spanish and Greek dictatorships, how students were killed on the streets, and do you think I can support a regime that makes likewise, just because it is anti-American? Come on! It is a matter of principles.
                It is a pity that the moral level of some members of the left has fallen so low. They have substituted their hatred for the love to freedom and justice. So if the US perpetrates an injustice, they blast it. But when Iran does the same they rush to justify it.
                And now they are in the awkward position to coincide with the US hawks to hunt down (and out) and seek vendetta on Wikileaks and Julian Assange, who is risking his life for laying bare the emperor’s mendacity (some are calling for his assassination, others are plotting for his character assassination).
                Oh, yes there were some cables which exposed Iran’s regime, so Wikileaks is an Israeli conspiracy! Please find below cables on Israel, and judge yourself (there will be many more of course). Find also a letter published by Pulse, where a lot of “our friends” are demanding support to Assange.
                Perhaps you change of opinion. Or not, because I suppose you have to wait for a changing of spirits in Press TV…




                Comment by Enrique Ferro | December 10, 2010

                • Enrique,

                  Why don’t you worry about ending the flagrant torture practiced by Spain for decades against the Basque people?

                  You could also concern yourself with getting Spain out of NATO and out of Afghanistan.

                  Let Iranians worry about “human rights” in Iran.

                  You are simply a supremacist warmonger.

                  BTW, I have posted nothing about Assange’s idiotic rape soap opera. If you continue to insinuate falsehoods your commenting privilege will be terminated.


                  Comment by aletho | December 10, 2010

  2. If nothing else, Assange seems to be an expert at PR.
    This in itself is not an indictment.
    But there are many curious aspects to this case.


    Comment by hybridrogue1 | December 9, 2010

  3. Motto: keep governments open.

    Hmmm, but not all governments. Neither do I think that selective leaking is the same thing as government openness. For example, a congressional hearing on the evidence that the country was mislead into war in Iraq would be openness. Having elections in which you could choose a non-zionist in an open debate of merits would be openness. Lots of thing would provide more benefit to good government than what Assange is doing.


    Comment by G Street | December 9, 2010

  4. A lot of commentary is posted by people who have formed opinions on the first emotional ping they have.
    It’s important to keep an open mind when following a story like this.
    This is a critical issue to the “Powers That Be”, and this is theater taking place in a hall of twisted mirrors, so anyone who thinks they can simply “guess” at the truth is kidding themselves.
    I’ve been into intelligence analysis for thirty plus years, and I have never seen an issue so drenched in disinfo as this one.
    Latching on to an opinion and sticking to it come hell or highwater is NOT critical thinking boys and girls.


    Comment by hybridrogue1 | December 10, 2010

  5. […] cablegate cables. It has released some 20,000 (I keep hearing 2,000) to date. Of the 2 thousand, 77 mention Israel. Okay, what does that prove concerning Julian Assange being Mossad? It proves absolutely […]


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