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  1. i wrote to Robt Mackey in The Lede blog of the NyTimes several times, including the last one about the “Palestinians blame the Israelis” that Mackey would not approve for the comments.

    here is one of the comments that did get through:

    Mr. Mackey says: “Your suggestion that The New York Times “has become a propaganda machine,” for Israel will surprise the numerous readers who have looked at our overall coverage of this event, and many others, and reached the exact opposite conclusion.”

    Mr. Mackey, I am appreciative of your coverage of Israel’s ongoing occupation of Palestine. But with respect to Ms. Kershner and Mr. Bonner, I do believe they have a bias. Mr. Bonner’s son is in the IDF, for pete’s sake!

    Just because both sides are irritated with a reporter’s coverage does not mean they are “balanced.”

    Honestly, as the Israelis get more desperate to “relegitimize” themselves, you can feel the NYTimes trying to help them!

    Comment by Linda Jansen | January 8, 2011

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