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  1. Dear Congress,
    I feel an empty vagueness in my life and it is because my mother, being born in Norway, left me with the attitude that I should do a return visit to Norway and reclaim that heritage that time has left behind in the mists of the open sea which is MY life. I am to smite the locals and steal their land for an avocado farm for I am the Chosen One as are the rest of my Chosen race. Send 90$ million dollars to the federal prison of your choice to get the ball rolling. Its a good thing we have an organic fertilizer of a Congress that if not smelling up the place with their bad breath are wallowing in depravity and arrogance.

    Congresspeople, tax revenues are not yours. If some Mossad agents caught and photographed you all having sex with chickens, your constituencies misjudged you and you should resign. This money for Israel crap should STOP. THEY DESERVE NOTHING. HOLOCAUST SHMOLOCAUST. JEWISH oriented genocide is a 2-way street. Them that gives, receives. What were the real names of the Bolshevik revolution leaders? How many Christians were slaughtered in the forests of Poland and Russia? Was Mao-tse Tung a member of the Yale Skull and Bones Society? Our United States Constitution reads, “We the people,” not “we, the jive-assed punks”. Get a clue Congress and stop funding for these hoodlums. Are you afraid to? SPEAK UP. I CAN”T HEAR YOU. I HATE MELODRAMA.

    Comment by Howard T. Lewis III | January 13, 2011

    • Very well written and 100% spot on.

      Comment by B.Benhamid | January 13, 2011

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