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MSM self-censorship on the Israel issue

By Philip Weiss on January 20, 2011

Tonight Chris Matthews used the retirement of Joe Lieberman as an opportunity to bash the “neocons” for the Iraq war. Matthews landed on Lieberman’s disgraceful answer to Pat Buchanan’s question on Morning Joe today, saying the Iraq war was worth it because of WMD and Al Qaeda and Saddam’s threat to the region. Matthews said this was all BS. He said that Saddam posed no threat apart from his support for “Hamas.”

Obviously Matthews thinks that Lieberman was thinking about Israel’s security, not the U.S.’s security. But you still can’t say this in the MSM. You can bash the NRA over the Tucson shootings, but you can’t talk about the role of the Israel lobby in our foreign policy. You can just think about it. Like Chris Matthews.

On this note, orthodoxy and self-censorship, I’d point out that Michelle Goldberg, who interviewed me for Tablet this week (the piece is here, I hear it’s mixed, still haven’t read it, I’m weird that way) asked me if I’d been worried for my career when I started being as critical of Israel as I am. I said Yes, and it had hurt my career. Goldberg made the same point a couple years back at the 92d Street Y: “Everybody knows that if you write certain things [about Israel] you put yourself beyond the pale of certain publications. And not just the obvious ones like the New Republic. I mean you take a certain stance and you consign yourself to the loony left. I think that is maybe becoming less and less true.” Goldberg said she has been told on some occasions, “You can’t write something,” and there “is a degree of self-censorship as well.”

The other day a friend told me of his conversation with a financial journalist in the MSM who had expressed sympathy for the Palestinians. He asked her why she didn’t write about it. She said, a, I figure I’m not going to be able to help them so they’re not losing anything by my silence, and b, even though I write financial journalism, if I take a strong stand on this issue, I might be blacklisted or brown-listed by publications for any work at all… (Consigned to looniness, to quote Goldberg.)

When Walt and Mearsheimer’s book came out, they said the same thing. Many journalists came up to them privately to express agreement, but said that it was career-cyanide to speak out about it.

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  1. Except more and more, I believe that regular people are VERY distrustful of the MSM because we KNOW we are not being told the truth. I believe that there are more enlightened people in regards to Israel than let on simply because people have been made to feel afraid–to speak the TRUTH!!!! This is just insanity. I had a discussion with my father recently and he asked me about the mess the US is in and who i thought was responsible. I asked him if he wanted me to tell him the truth. He said yes and so I told him that I believed our government had been hijacked by the Jews and that these people were operating with the interests of Israel being the main concern–not America, and how Americans were suffering as a result. My daughter was with me and she had a professor at her college come and talk to the class about living in Israel for a year–how he went there believing everything the US media tells us about how Israel is the victim etc. He told them he quickly learned how deceived we all to think that Israel is a meek and mild victim. How there are checkpoints at EVERY block with soldiers armed with machine guns–how children walk around with guns–how entire villages are bulldozed over night with fellow Jews still inside (dark skinned and so accordingly less human). He was shocked and he told them that when he finally returned home to the US he felt like he could breath again for the first time in a year—he said it was just terribly racist. My father said something about them being deeply religious people and I asked them if he knew that for a fact or if that’s what he’d been told by someone else. He admitted that was just the perception he had.

    Anyway, I asked my father how we are supposed to think these people are the “chosen people” when their lives speak only of their terrible evil.

    I looked over at him to see what his face was going to tell me about what I was speaking and I saw a smile spread across his face and he told me that he had come to the same conclusion a number of years ago but he didn’t think he could speak about it.

    I told him he must speak the truth–that the truth is all we really have in this world. Lies fall away, but the truth will remain solid. Shutting down the conversation by crying anti-semite tells me that someone doesn’t want me to know or speak the truth–because if something is true–then it can withstand any and all questions/criticisms.

    These criminals in our government can try all they want to shut down conversations, or attempt to alter our mental state through poisoning our skies and our foods, and whatever else they want to throw at us, the fact remains that the human mind and spirit is stronger than all their filthy dirty tricks. There is a way to beat them at their own game. The predators of humanity will reap what they have sown. It’s the law of attraction and they have it coming to them big time.

    Comment by karen | January 22, 2011

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