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Court: Settlers to share Palestinian home in Jerusalem

Ma’an – 10/03/2011

JERUSALEM — An Israeli court issued a decision last week allowing Israeli settlers to take part of a Palestinian family home in the Rad Al-Amoud neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem.

The court decision came after an 11-year battle between the Hamdella family and American-Israeli billionaire Irving Moskowitz, who purchased the property in 1990 from a Jewish group claiming to own the land.

The Hamdella’s have lived in the home since 1952. An earlier decision from the court ordered that they evacuate buildings on the property built in 1989, including a shed and a storehouse. The order included a room in the front of the house, which the family said had not been built at the same time.

On Monday, settlers will move into the evacuated rooms and buildings, member of the Fatah revolutionary council Dimitry Delyani said.

He explained that the court decision gave Moskowitz rights to part of the home, adding “the courts would never treat a West Jerusalem family in this way.”

“The home will be turned into an outpost, the settlers will bring in armed guards in order to make life for the Hamdellas unbearable,” he said.

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  1. The Jewish group claiming ownership to the property is ridiculous BS. Even without taking into account the possible of forgery. Israel come into existence May 1948 and its unilateral declaration of Ind, explicitly defines its borders along the frontiers of the partition plan(UN181).

    Israel Jurisdiction over the property cannot be retroactive nor can it encompass land not legally annexed, land no within Israel sovereign border.

    What however is crystal clear is that the Israel like its Court system is obscenely corrupt and has become the but of ridicule.

    The Palestinians claim is obviously unshakable or they would have been thrown onto the street like so many other. My heart goes out to the Palestinians people in general and to this family in particular who must deal with these unconscionable on a daily basis. All because Israel covet their land.


    Comment by lydia | March 11, 2011

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