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The Fiction of the Jewish History in Palestine

By Hasan Afif El-Hasan | The Palestine Chronicle | April 8, 2011

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told NNC Pierce Morgan on March 18, 2011 that he might agree to a Palestinian state through negotiations. And he added, “We will make territorial concessions although it is very painful to do that in our ancestral land.” Netanyahu was not talking about Poland where his ancestors lived. He was talking about Palestine where generations of its indigenous population ancestors lived, cultivated the land and are buried.

By the end of the nineteenth century, Zionism created a new Jewish identity of blood and soil. To mobilize their followers and supporters and appeal to their emotions, the Zionists created myths. Zionism started as a tribal religion without god, but in order to fulfill its function as a unifying force, Zionism required external religious and race symbols, not inner content. Its leaders regarded metaphysical religious belief and purity of race as having value in itself. They created a divine paradisiacal state of merger with the gods. Despite his non-religious ideology, Herzl’s writings were replete with religious references. The Jews should settle in Palestine because, in his words, “the Temple will be visible from long distance, for it is only our ancient faith that has kept us together”.

The Zionists and their supporters have invested tremendous financial and scholarly resources to work within the Hebrew Bible historical narratives to affirm the links between the intrusive Zionist population and the ancient Israelite past, and by doing so assert the right of that population to the land. The political end-game shaped the investigation and the outcome. Tracing the roots of Israel’s ethnic state in biblical antiquity is effectively to silence the indigenous Palestinian claim to the past and therefore to the land. The Biblical scholarship employs a bewildering array of terms for the region: “the Holy Land”, “the Land of the Bible”, “Eretz Israel”, “the Land of Israel”, or “Judah and Samaria.” To the casual reader these names appear interchangeable, but they all imply connection to ancient Israel.

Biblical narratives or poems that cannot be supported by archeology and common sense are treated by the Zionists and their supporters as historical language. Historians have to differentiate between biblical myths and the history of real people living in real places and real time. They should have the intellectual courage to challenge any source including the “revealed truth” of higher order as presented in Biblical text if it is used to justify injustice and cruelty by one people against another. Gamla, an ethnic cleansing advocacy group founded by former Israeli military officers, Knesset members and settler activists publishes detailed plans for how to carry out the “complete elimination of the Arab demographic threat to Israel” by forcibly expelling all Palestinians and demolishing their towns and villages. This, the plan argued is “the only possible solution” to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and it is “substantiated by the Torah.” Biblical studies have focused on inventing “Ancient Israel” while ignoring the reality of Palestinian history over thousands of years. Many historic experiences related to the ancient Israelite conquest and settlement of Palestine were described in terms of divine acts with religious zeal.

Many scholars, mostly moderate Jewish, who give primacy to archaeology, relegate the biblical text to a secondary place as a historical source. On 2001 Passover, Rabbi David Wolpe of Sinai Temple in Westwood, Los Angeles told his congregation: “The truth is that virtually every archaeologist who has investigated the story of the Exodus [from Egypt], with very few exceptions, agrees that the way the Bible describes the Exodus is not the way it happened, if it happened at all.” He based his conclusions on the fact that no archeological findings have produced evidence of the Jews wandering the Sinai Desert for forty years, and the excavations in Palestine show settlement patterns different from the Biblical account of a sudden influx of Jews from Egypt.

Nadva Na’aman of Tel Aviv University wrote, “The comprehensive conquest saga in the book of Jashua is a fictive literary composition aimed at presenting the occupation of the entire Land of Israel, initiated and guided by the Lord and carried out by the twelve tribes under Jashua.”  Jashua, the man, was according to the Bible the right-hand man of Moses. After Moses death and the ancient Israelites camping near Jericho, Jashua commenced the military campaigns that, according to the biblical account, culminate in the conquest of the heartland of Palestine where he carried out a systematic campaign against the civilians of Canaan that amounts to genocide.

The historian Giovanni Garbini argues that “we should not even try to write a modern critical history of Israel largely on the basis of a single amalgamated, culturally self-serving, and essentially private version of history [the Bible]?”

Professor William Dever of the University of Arizona writes about the Hebrew Bible that “Many of the biblical stories are legend-like and abound with miraculous and fantastic elements that strain the credulity of almost any modern reader of any religious persuasion. All these factors have contributed to the rise of doubts about the Bible’s trustworthiness.”

In July of 2000, the New York Times ran a lead story under the title, “The Bible, as History, Flunks New Archaeological Tests.” Questioning the biblical stories of the Exodus and Conquest that recounts in lavish and dramatic detail of the ancient Israelites exodus from Egypt and establishing themselves in Palestine, calls into question the Zionists’ rationale for Jewish claims to Palestine.

The American archaeologist and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary professor, Joseph Callaways wrote in 1985 when he discovered that the city of Ai that is described in the Bible did not exist: “For many years, the primary source for the understanding of the settlement of the first Israelites was the Hebrew Bible, but every reconstruction based upon the biblical traditions has floundered on the evidence from archeological remains.”

The Bible and the claim of the Jews as a distinct race have been used as a tool to cement the inner unity of the Zionist movement and an indispensable weapon in the struggle for claiming the land of Palestine. The religio-historical element as a focus of national identity had greater importance in Zionism than in other national movements. It was religion in the broadest sense, with all its national and historical connotations, that provided the justification for the conquest of Palestine and legitimization of Jews’ return.

Although Semitic originally referred to certain languages and peoples of the Eastern Mediterranean that included not only Jews but also Palestinians, Assyrians, Babylonians and Phoenicians, claim of hostility only toward Jews is generally known as anti-Semitism.

Jews are a religious body, not a separate biological human group. The history of the Jews reveals that they have always interbred with non-Jews and many non-Jews have become Jews. The only valid criterion for determining membership in the group is confessional.

By insisting that a cultural trait, Jewishness, is inherited, the self-proclaimed Jews have contributed to the idea that they belong to an exclusive family, a distinct race, and a chosen people. Under Israel’s “Law of Return” of Jews to Israel, Ethiopian Jews (Falashas) were verified as descendants of an ancient Israelite tribe by testing samples of their males DNA Y-Chromosome. The claim of identifying the Jewish DNA is the pinnacle of charlatan science, an ideology driven hoax!

There was no written history prior to 3,200 B.C. (Before Christ) on Palestine, but archeological excavations suggest the existence of people living in Palestine as early as 8000 B.C. As far as the period of pre-pottery stone-age between 8000 and 5000 B.C, Palestine and Syria were inhabited by farmers and hunters. Their progression from simpler to more complex culture was evidenced in the development of farming technique, the domestication of animals and the establishment of towns.

Ancient Canaanites ruled all Palestine and Jordan until around 1200 B.C, when the Philistines conquered the southern coastal area. Archaeologists found evidence that Canaan migrant tribes settled Palestine and Jordan in the later period of the fourth millennium B.C. Pottery containing offerings in graves suggest the Canaanites believed in after-life. The Canaanite known history coincided with the Early Bronze Age that began around 3200B.C, but some of their settlements have been dated as old as 7000 B.C.

The indigenous Palestinians, the legitimate owners of the land, are the descendants of Ancient Canaanites, Philistinians, ancient Hebrews, Assyrians, ancient Egyptians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Muslims, Christian crusaders and Turks. The groups that lived in Palestine fought, interacted and collaborated, but no group was obliterated.

Modern historians, writers and statesmen should liberate themselves from the biblical myths when reviewing history even if they believe in a revealed truth in their private lives. The challenge for them is to sort out fact from fiction. Palestine belongs to its indigenous population not the hordes of foreign settlers.

– Hasan Afif El-Hasan is a political analyst. His latest book, Is The Two-State Solution Already Dead? (Algora Publishing, New York).

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  1. There’s no question that using religion as a system to contain and control plagues was a monumental accomplishment in the development of mankind. However, breeding people on the basis that a more sexually desirable skin colour equals superiority tends to bring out other insensitive and dimwitted behaviours, such as ethnic cleansing. I’m probably in the minority, but I feel that there’s no need to throw out the baby along with the child pornographer.

    Comment by Eric Vaughan | April 9, 2011

  2. Anyone with a neuron more than a gibbon knows that est European pagan converts attempts to weevil themselves into Biblical History was fraught with ridicule and could never be entertained.

    Had it not been for the mass murders of the Palestinians, whose land Israel covets the amusement would be watching the Fools and Fake Jews search behind their own reflection for the source of the public disdain.

    However, should the ‘chosen ones’ get their wish then questioning their claim that divine intervention made Jews the ‘chosen ones’ and like questioning the Holocost will be declared antiSemetic and land one in the Courts

    Comment by lydia | April 9, 2011

    • Lydia, I believe that the hoaxes that surround the Holocaust are a deliberate distraction to smokescreen the fact that a huge chunk of Nazi Germany’s “economic miracle” came from selling Jews to Zionists.

      Comment by Eric Vaughan | April 10, 2011

      • Eric, no distraction/smokescreen has an indefinite shelf life.

        The fear however is that the complicity and white sepulcher of the respective Western Government in allowing the fraud to spread and camouflages a gut wrenching stench

        Not unlike the Katyn Massacre, the Nazis were blamed. A German confessed under torture, yet all along it was known that Stalin’s NKVDs had committed the atrocities. Jewish Bolsheviks part in the deaths of 50mil Russian Xtians is still hushed while the Holocost Industry flourishes on the back of 6mil

        Comment by lydia | April 10, 2011

        • Lydia, I now believe that something that could be termed the Holocaust happened. The truth is so hideous that it has to be covered up, especially for Jews. I can’t find anyone who agrees with me online on this subject, so I’ll try to simplify (hopefully without being condescending.)

          Hard times have been cruel to charities here in Canada. Wherever possible, they now use aggressive begging techniques, such as showing trembling one-eyed dogs and African children just being ravished by flies. Everything that can be authenticated about the Holocaust shows that the Nazis were the same as those avertisers to the Jews under their control so that they could hardsell them to Zionists. It grew bigger with German desperation. (Russian Jews weren’t big sellers to Zionists because of their communist beliefs so they just mangled them with machinegun fire.)

          Comment by Eric Vaughan | April 10, 2011

  3. Eric,I wholeheartedly believed that something termed the Holocaust did happened but as I grew older, and tried to separate facts from fiction I searched for justification as to why a warlike horde of nomadic pagans so despised in Europe should be foisted on the unsuspecting Arabs.

    So one set of Jews probably cannibalized another set of Jews not unlike one set of Blacks were handed over by another set of Blacks to Slave Traders. Perhaps the intent like the Slave Trade was for profit, to fuel Hitler’s industrial revolution by providing able bodied workers for German factories. Perhaps they symbolized Communism and Hitler wanted nothing to do with them and many got caught up in the advancing German army and were shipped off to Hitlers work houses “Arbeit mach Frei” Typhus, crematoriums etc. followed the concentration camps.

    Still can’t find an explanation why Europe’s problem should become a ME problem nor why all this tip toeing around “the greatest murderers of modern time” because they were Jews?,7340,L-3342999,00.html

    Comment by lydia | April 10, 2011

  4. Like I’ve always said, israel is nothing more than a trumped up jewish fairytale. Palestine belongs to the Palestinians and all of it WILL be returned to them, hopefully without much effort of their own (for all they have suffered) and by the international community who knows that so-called jews don’t have one claim to even one speck of dirt to Palestine.

    Comment by DyingTruth | April 30, 2011

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