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‘US, UK war vultures installed a cuckoo zionist identity’

RussiaToday | July 4, 2011

British anti-war activist Dr. David Halpin in an interview with RT.

Israeli-America-British axis sowing chaos in the Middle East

July 6, 2011 - Posted by | Timeless or most popular, Video, Wars for Israel

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  1. People like Dr, David Halpin who helped make England great, but a once mighty Country has been brought low, overrun and invaded by a bunch of psychopaths, intent on world domination and many great men like Dr. Halpin abandoned on the outside of the establishment fighting the corrupt UK government.

    He should take heart for many have awoken from their slumber and are determined that the guilty should pay for their crimes against humanity, Bush, Blair, et al.will lead the horde to l’hauge.


    Comment by lydia | July 6, 2011

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