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2,500 US Jews aim to fill gaps in northern occupied territories

Palestine Information Center – 11/07/2011

NAZARETH — An Israeli organization has announced plans to bring more than 2,500 Jews from North America to the occupied Palestinian territories this summer, as it seeks to resettle the regiment in areas with high Palestinian populations.

The organization, Nefesh B’nefesh, which encourages the migration of Jews from North America and the United Kingdom to the Palestinian territories, said it would cooperate with the Jewish Agency for Israel and Israel’s migration ministry to bring 2,500 Jews from the United State and Canada during the summer, according the organization’s website.

The first batch of 245 immigrants should land on Tuesday 12 July at the Ben-Gurion airport, the organization said.

Nefesh B’nefesh recently launched a project encouraging resettling the immigrants in the northern region of the territories occupied in 1948, where there is a high concentration of Palestinians, a step observers say is an attempt to change the demographic features of the area.

The project, dubbed “go north”, has cost a total of 10 million US dollars. It aims at settling 1,500 Jews in neighborhoods in the Triangle, Galilee, Marj Ben Amir, as well as Tabariya and Golan.

The formerly Arab city of Haifa and vicinity, which have a Jewish majority, were excluded from the project.

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  1. God help the Palestinian people when the American Ashkenazim Jew arrive a new nightmare will begin.


    Comment by B.Benhamid | July 11, 2011

  2. Notice that in fact they are talking about pre-1967 ‘occupied territories’, i.e. ‘northern Israel’ in conventional parlance. But they have written the story in a deliberately misleading way, in order to create the impression they mean the northern West Bank. This is childish.


    Comment by niqnaq | July 11, 2011

    • They clearly state “territories occupied in 1948”.

      One state advocates are dropping the importance of distinguishing between the territories, it’s all Palestine.


      Comment by aletho | July 12, 2011

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