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NIST re. Building 7: We Have the Results and Only We Have the Results

July 12, 2011 - Posted by | Deception, False Flag Terrorism, Science and Pseudo-Science, Timeless or most popular, Video


  1. The piece of human garbage is the WORST kind of traitor. Just look at his eyes. Does this look like a man confident in what he is reporting? Or does he look scared and guilty. To me, he looks EXTREMELY scared and guilty. He KNOWS he is lying which is DELIBERATE TREASON.

    The EYES tell the truth.


    Comment by BigQuestion | July 14, 2011

  2. Utter nonscience!

    NIST gets 60 mil from the US gov to determine how wtc7 collapsed, they say it fell down for some reason (supposedly because the center columns failed{for some other reason} and everything fell down in under 7 seconds because of JUST the center columns failing) and will not release any of their work showing how they reached their conclusion. Better yet gov passed a law preventing any NIST data from any FUTURE building failures, from being released to the public.

    They say this is what happened….

    Alll you have to do is watch the real wtc 7 fall to realize they’re simulation is 100% wrong.

    Meanwhile physicists like S Jones have provided peer review papers showing all work leading to HIS conclusion, he has been fired from his position and there is a long line of chosen ones waiting to take a whack at him whenever he pops up…

    Corporate and jew owned NPR did a smear piece on jones in sept 5th 2006, apparently anyone who understands and tries to explain the physical world we live in is most likely an anti-semite!
    But NPR has removed it from their list of interviews.


    Comment by Diaz's packed bowl | October 5, 2016

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